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Bankruptcy Information Sheet in English

There is no trustee unless the judge decides that one is necessary; if a trustee is appointed, the trustee takes control of your business and property.


YOUR DUTIES AS TRUSTEE Guidelines for Trust Administration by Layne T. Rushforth 1. INTRODUCTION: This memo is for a trustee under a trust 1 that is governed by Nevada law and that was originally established as a revocable trust but which has become irrevocable because of the settlor's or ...

The Trustee Matching Scholarship Program

For more than 150 years, Penn State has been committed to creating opportunity. Our land-grant mission demands that we keep our degrees affordable for students from every economic background.


Factors in Determining Reasonableness In considering the question of reasonableness of trustee fees, each of the following factors - at a minimum - should be closely examined: 1.

Handbook for Chapter 7 Trustees

trustee also may consider filing pre-petition tax returns, especially where it appears the estate would be entitled to a refund. The trustee cannot sign an individual tax return for

Bren Simon, as Personal Representative of the Estaet of ...

Bren Simon, as Personal Representative of the Estaet of Melvin Simon; and Bren Simon, as Trustee of the Melvin Simon Family Enterprises Trust Agreement v.

Tax returns or a driver’s license are not acceptable proof ...

STANLEY J. KARTCHNER, CHAPTER 7 TRUSTEE EMAIL: trustee@aztrustee.com 7090 N ORACLE ROAD #178-204, TUCSON, AZ 85704 TEL (520) 742-1210

Fiduciary Duties of a Trustee

The Thompson Law Firm Rev. 2007 THE THOMPSON LAW FIRM 9400 SW Barnes Road, Suite 300 Portland, Oregon 97225 Telephone: (503) 292-8990 Fax: (503) 292-9040 Fiduciary Duties of a Trustee A trustee is a protector and manager of assets for the benefit of both current and remainder beneficiaries.

Certificate/Oath to be issued to trustees elected by acclamation

CERTIFICATE OF ELECTION OF TRUSTEE (BY ACCLAMATION) Revised 04/2010 THIS IS TO CERTIFY that the candidate _____ was duly elected by acclamation to fill the office of Trustee for the _____ School District No. _____ of _____ County, State of ...


OFFICE OF THE STANDING CHAPTER 13 TRUSTEE ALBERT RUSSO Mailing Address: Howard Schmidt, Esq. Standing Chapter 13 Trustee ...