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The TurbocorFamily of Compressors

The TurbocorFamily of Compressors Model TT400 AVFD (Variable Frequency Drive) built in as a standard providing unmatched part-load efficiency. A permanent magnet motor which cuts size and weight while increasing efficiency.

TowerTray TT400

TowerTray TT400 for HP LaserJet P401X and P451X series printers up to nine input trays up to six output trays Multiple input trays for different paper types and sizes Farley Heath Albury Surrey GU5 9ER Tel. +44 (0)1483 203735 Email sales@webAPT.co.uk www.webAPT.co.uk


To guard against personal injury and/or equipment damage caused by improper line fusing, use only properly rated, fast-acting fuses (TT400 only). Branch circuit breakers or disconnect switches cannot provide this level of protection for compressor components.


2 SAFETY SUMMARY Congratulations on the purchase of your new T-TECH Transmission Fluid Exchange System. The following safety information is provided as a guideline to help you operate your new transmission fluid exchange system under the safest possible conditions.

Installation & User *s Guide

Manual TT4009900-0835 3 TowerTray TT400 for the HP LaserJet P4014, P4015, P4515 PREFACE Congratulations!

Features Functional Description 0.02% Accuracy;

The TT400 SIS is certified to IEC 61508 for SIL 1 and SIL 2 (non-redundant) and SIL 3 (redundant) applications, and intendeds for measurement of temperature using RTD’s or

TT400 Turbocor Compressor

TT400 Turbocor Compressor County of San Diego Juvenile Detention Facility The TT400 Turbocor Compressor, an energy usage-reducing part for air-conditioning systems, was retrofitted to the 300-ton and 450-ton centrifugals of the Juvenile Hall Complex, which comprises of the Juvenile Court, the ...

Product & Technology Review

The manufacturer has plans to unveil a TT400 model in the near future with capacities in the 110- to 160-ton range. Manufacturer Danfoss Turbocor 1850 Trans-Canada Hwy. Dorval, Québec H9P 2N4 Canada Phone: (514) 421-0523 Fax: (514) 421-4277 E-mail: smitty@turbocor. com Website: www.turbocor.com/ [Note ...

Tubing Data

www.swagelok.com Tubing Data Tubing Material Our suggested ordering instructions for each type of tubing are shown under the respective tables. Tubing Outside Diameter Hardness The key to selecting proper tubing for use with metal Swagelok tube fittings is that the tubing must be softer than the ...

ASME B31.3 Process Piping

Microsoft PowerPoint - B31.3 Process Piping Course - 17 High Pressure Piping.ppt