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The area known as the Tules is an abandoned meander forming a backwater swamp. It is located in an area managed by BLM as a wilderness study area and as an area of critical environmental concern.

A Great Marshland: The Environment Then and Now

The people of the Valley used these hollow reeds to make many of the things they needed, weaving tules into mats to sit on, binding them into bundles and lashing them together to make rafts and boats.


2 While several bands of Indians are thought to have traversed the lands now comprising the Puente Hills Preserve, these lands, once known by the name Awing-na (or Ahwiinga), served as the major homeland of the Tongva Indians.

The Gambling Queen of Santa Fe

The Gambling Queen of Santa Fe Doña Tules built an 1800s empire as a hospitable madam … and the shrewdest businessperson in town Welcome to the latest installment of our media-release series, "Telling New Mexico: Stories from Then and Now."


Updated: November 19, 2010 Come and discover the romance of Puerto Vallarta. Blessed with lush, tropical vegetation and beautiful beaches, this quiet village has grown immensely-and yet has managed to retain that small town atmosphere.

ATF e-Form 4473

ATF e-Form 4473 Quick Reference Guide for the Buyer Warning: The Buyer's opening screen is the Buyer Warning screen. You should read the Warning statement before selecting the Next button on this screen.

The Yokut Indians

The Yokut Indians by Mary Ann Brensel The Yokut Indians lived in the part of California that we now call the Central Valley. Some of the early settlers called it the Valle de los Tulares , which means the Valley of the Tules .

A Christmas Among the Tules.

A CHRISTMAS AMONG THE TULES. 337 light his singling David out in this manner has upon it a very ill look." of the talk and was making Lina laugh at some droll anecdote when Sarah's "Perchance none save Master Thomp-voice called her from within. son cared to contend for me," she answered, moved ...

Aquatic Noxious Weeds

Examples: cattail, tules, and yellow waterlily Submersed - adapted to grow with all or most of their vegetative tissue below the water surface.

How to Write a Critical Analysis Paper

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