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Air-cooled oil-free centrifugal chillers from Smardt Chiller ...

SMARDT, based in Montreal, Quebec, was founded in 2005 by a team of Turbocor veterans, to produce chillers which optimized the energy efficiency potential of the Turbocor compressor technology.

State-of-the-Art Technology Helps Irvine Office Building ...

The compressors selected were leading-edge Turbocor high-efficiency, oil-free units. The semi-hermetic variable-speed driven centrifugal two-stage compressor is not only virtually maintenance free, ...

8pps turbochill 1209 v2:8pps turbochill v4

Page 1 TurboChill Technology TurboChill The TurboChill is an air-cooled, high capacity chiller designed around revolutionary centrifugal Turbocor compressors integrated with cutting-edge components.

TT400 Turbocor Compressor

TT400 Turbocor Compressor County of San Diego Juvenile Detention Facility The TT400 Turbocor Compressor, an energy usage-reducing part for air-conditioning systems, was retrofitted to the 300-ton and 450-ton centrifugals of the Juvenile Hall Complex, which comprises of the Juvenile Court, the ...

ECD-00007A Applications_Manual_Rev4

Electrical Specification 8 Danfoss Turbocor Compressors Inc. ECD-00007A Rev. 4 be high enough insuring that the compressor(s) on line plus the compressor being added would not operate in surge.

Cool Technologies

TURBOCOR AT A GLANCE TURBOCOR AT A GLANCE. The Turbocor Compressor. Hermetic Centrifugal Compressor The Turbocor Compressor at a Glance Inverter Speed Control Permanent Magnet Motor Integrated Controls 2 stage, ...


Scroll, Semi-Hermetic, Screw and NEW Turbocor Compressors Available Portable and Central Designs with Tanks, Pumps and Controls.

Refrigeration Chiller Performance Analysis at Various Loads

REFRIGERATION CHILLER/PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS AT VARIOUS LOADS Henry Manczyk, CPE, CEM, Director of Facilities Management, Monroe County, New York This illustration shows that a chiller loaded to 100% of its designed capacity will operate at maximum efficiency kilowatt cost per ton.

Technical Training Class Syllabus

The three day course covers the revolutionary Danfoss Turbocor compressor technology, the innovative Kiltech controller, and the energy efficient SMARDT chiller family.

WMC Magnetic Bearing Compressor Chillers

Operating Manual OM WMC-3 Group: Chiller Part Number: 331374701 Effective: August 2007 Supersedes: OM WMC-2 WMC Magnetic Bearing Compressor Chillers Model WMC 145S - 290D, 50/60 Hertz Model WMM 145S, 60 Hertz OITS Software Version: 2.01.01 Control Software Version: WMCU3UU02B