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... (Danfoss Turbocor Compressors, Inc.), Jack Elson (Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc.) and Bruce Hunn (ASHRAE) for their years of service to the Conferences in various capacities.


Turbocor TT series Turbocor TT series Turbocor TT series compressor by PowerPax Turbocor TT series compressor by PowerPax SERVING RETROFIT MARKET Offering Turbocor centrifugal compressor with magnetic bearings Plug & play installation Exellent payback period Low absorbed power Lowest starting ...

TurboChill - Air Cooled Chiller 200 kW - 1100 kW

Standard Features - Energy Saving Turbocor centrifugal compressor supplied with as standard: • Suction and discharge shut off valves • Discharge non-return valve • Line reactor (for removing additional ...


Reciprocating and Turbocor centrifugal compressors do not require rotational checks. 13. At all times of the year units equipped with water cooled condensers are shipped with a glycol solution in the condenser to prevent freeze damage during shipping.

TurboChill air-cooled chiller range

TurboChill range New generation chiller technology TurboChill air-cooled chiller range 500 - 1100kW > NEW! TURBOCOR TECHNOLOGY > Unparalleled high efficiency > Variable control and load flexibility > Low current start > Super Quiet option Typical applications > Close control > Data centre ...

Refrigerant R123

Introduction R123 refrigerant is a replacement for R11 in chillers and is providing this new refrigerant to chiller manufacturers for use in new and existing chillers.

POWER7 Model 780 Turbocore

Performance Implications of POWER7 Model 780's TurboCore Mode Mark Funk Rick Peterson Abstract The POWER7 Model 780 system offers an optional mode called TurboCore which allows the processor cores to execute at a higher frequency - about 7.25% higher - and to have more processor cache per core.

Condenser Water Heat Recovery System Description

HVAC Systems Condenser Water Heat Recovery System Description Water-cooled chillers reject a significant amount of heat through cooling towers. All of the building heat and the heat generated by the compressor work leaves the building in this manner.

RTCW Frictionless Chiller

RTCW Standard Features •Danfoss/Turbocor semi hermetic Centrifugal compressors on all RTCW models. Dual independent refrigerant circuit design from 120 to 190 ton •Frictionless bearing design with EER of 20+ at full load and EER at 42+ at 50% capacity representing an energy savings of 35% ...

HVAC MADE EASY - Selection tips for Chiller Compressors ...

HVAC MADE EASY - Selection tips for Chiller Compressors Course Content PART I - REFRIGERATIOIN CHILLERS (VAPOR COMPRESSION MACHINES) HVAC applications operating on chilled water system require a chiller package, which operate either on the principles of vapor compression or vapor absorption.