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~diverting water off roads and driveways~

TURNOUTS ~diverting water off roads and driveways~ Purpose: Any camp road, even properly constructed ones, alter natural drainage patterns. On camp roads, the biggest concern is to get water off the road surface as quickly as possible.

Tips and techniques for modeling track that looks like the ...

Turnouts Tips and techniques for modeling track that looks like the prototype. By Michael L. Cougill

Embedded Turnouts for the Hiawatha LRT Project

Embedded Turnouts for the Hiawatha LRT Project Author: David F. Peterson, PE Parsons Corporation Design Manager, Hiawatha Light Rail Transit Project September 30, 2003

The Superior Region has made a point of including truck ...

The Michigan Department of Transportation's Truck Safety Turnout Program has been a major success. In a recently taken poll, the Michigan Timberman's Association found their membership appreciated and regularly used the truck safety turnouts that have been constructed.

A Higher Speed Turnout

Retaining these dimensions would allow retrofitting existing turnouts and would keep the cost of any design changes at an affordable level. As an alternative application, a modified turnout design might also allow operating at current diverging route speeds but with substantially reduced lateral forces and ...

Irrigation District Turnouts

IRRIGATION TRAINING AND RESEARCH CENTER BioResource and Agricultural Engr. Dept. California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo, CA 93407-0730 Phone: (805) 756-2434 FAX: (805) 756-2433 www.itrc.org Irrigation District Turnouts Date: December 15, 2010 To: SBx7-7 ASC members From: Charles ...


VENTURA COUNTY FIRE PROTECTION DISTRICT FIRE PREVENTION BUREAU 165 DURLEY AVENUE CAMARILLO, CALIFORNIA 93010 www.fire.countyofventura.org (805) 389-9738 STANDARD 14.6.7 Rev. May 27, 2011 FP14.6.7 1 of 8 TURNAROUNDS/TURNOUTS The information contained in this standard is provided solely for the ...

No. 8 Guarded Turnouts and Crossover Tracks - Yards

SPN- 0024 No. 8 Guarded Turnout Yards Rev. 4 - 9/14/2011 Page 3 of 33 1.0 Scope 1.1.1 The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority needs to purchase new No. 8 guarded turnouts and crossover tracks (herein referred to as 'Special Trackwork') in order to replace the un-guarded No. 8 turnouts ...


TURNOUTS: UNORTHODOX UKEMI By Gerald Lafon, 5 th dan USJA Master Coach For the last twenty years, I haven't taught my students how to do ukemi, at least not the traditional ukemi one thinks of when the word is uttered.

Track & Turnouts

Track & Turnouts Prototype Notes Real industrial narrow gauge railways were often transitory in nature. In addition, almost without exception they were built as economically as possible, the equipment being treated as 'plant' - a tool to get the job done.