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13% of online adults use Twitter - via mobile phone

13% of online adults use Twitter. Half of Twitter users access the service “on the go” via mobile phone. Aaron Smith, Senior Research Specialist

ELI 7 Things Series

www.educause.edu/eli 1 2 3 more 7 things you should know about... *Twitter Scenario Edward, an instructional technologist in Ohio, was gene rally familiar with Daniel's research on active learning at his institution in California, but when they met at a conference and had an opportunity to ...

Twitter: What are you doing?

Tim Hodge CCU TEAL 16/03/09 Twitter: What are you doing? Introduction Twitter is a "micro-blogging" service that allows you keep your friends, family and co-workers up-to-date on the most meaningful and the most mundane information.

Using Twitter for Business

Duct Tape Marketing - © Copyright 2009 all rights reserved - used with permission Disclaimer - services listed are beta and may change or even harm your computer - not my fault! 4 Some base concepts Tweet - When you post or write your 140 characters on twitter and hit send it's called a ...

DiscriminatingGenderonTwitter - JohnD.Burger and ...

Twitter is a social networking and micro-blogging plat form whose users publish short messages or tweets. In late 2010, it was estimated that Twitter had 175 million

The Complete Guide to Twitter

The Complete Guide to Twitter Mark O'Neill markoneill.org This manual is intellectual property of MakeUseOf. It must only be distributed in its original form.

What is Twitter

Shoveling tweets - 2 Shoveling tweets: An analysis of the microblogging engagement of traditional news organizations Abstract This study analyzed the adoption and use of the microblogging platform Twitter by newspapers and television stations in the U.S. in 2009 and 2010.

" New$Opportunities$For$Diversity:$ $ Twitter,$Journalists ...

1 " " " New$Opportunities$For$Diversity:$ $ Twitter,$Journalists$and Traditionally$UnderservedCommunities $ " This study explores the opportunities offered by Twit ter for news organizations seeking to connect with communities often underrepresented as both sources and as audiences for news.

Twitter for Academics An Introduction

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Named EntityRecognition in Tweets: An Experimental Study

Additionally, 30%of entities mentioned on Twitter do not appear in any Freebase dictionary, as they are either too new (for examplea newly releasedvideogame), ...