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FACT: Typar's UV exposure rating is 50% longer than Tyvek's. Ultraviolet stability is vital to the performance of a weather barrier before it's covered.


TYPAR HOUSEWRAP INSTALLATION VERTICAL WALL INSTALLATIONInstall Typar HouseWrap after framing is complete and before windows and doors are installed.

Tyvek® vs. Typar®

Tyvek ® vs. Typar ® Build it once, build it right. When using Tyvek ® construction products, you can be assured you are using THE brand leader in secondary weather membranes.


aggregate aggregate subgrade soil Typar Geotextile Pavement Pavement TYPAR GEOTEXTILES TOUGH OVER TIME 1.0 FEATURES OF PAVED ROADS AND PARKING LOTS Paved roads are built for the comfort and convenience of the public.

Typar Geotextiles Overview Brochure

Typar is a long lasting, durable nonwoven geotextile fabric for paved and unpaved roads and surfaces, drainage, waste handling systems, erosion control and landfills.

Typar is the tough,

Typar is the tough, long lasting and versatile geotextile fabric to cut your construction and maintenance costs. ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● UNPAVED ROADS LESS AGGREGATE, LESS RUTTING PAVED ROADS AND PARKING LOTS LONGER LIFE, LESS MAINTENANCE INDUSTRIAL YARDS LESS AGGREGATE, LONGER ...

- 1 - - MASTERFORMAT - TYPAR® HouseWrap/CertaWrap™ - Air ...

- 1 - 1. Opinion It is the opinion of the Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CCMC) that “TYPAR® HouseWrap/ CertaWrap™,” when used as an air barrier material in accordance with the conditions and limitations stated in

Part of the Typar®Weather Protection System

07 65 00/TYP BuyLine 7255 3 HouseWrap Typar HouseWrap is the foundation for the Weather Protection System. A nonwoven bi-component fabric, it provides the perfect balance of water/air holdout and moisture vapor transmission (MVT).

Typar® SF - The good choice

Typar ® SF - The good choice Two of the functions of Geotextiles are filtration and reinforcement. As a geotextile filters the nonwoven geotextiles are usually used, while as a reinforcement the woven geotextiles are used.

Surround SR Limited Warranty

SURROUND ® SR UNDERLAYMENT. A Typar ® Brand. LIMITED WARRANTY. The installation of Fiberweb™ Surround® SR Underlayment (the “Product”), a TYPAR® Brand, on your Roof (as hereinafter defined) entitles you to the protection provided by the Typar® Limited Warranty.