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the State in order to perform arboricultural work in Maine ...

s tate of m aine d epartment of a griculture , f ood & r ural r esources d ivision of p lant i ndustry r obert w. s pear 28 s tate h ouse s tation c ommissioner a ugusta , m aine 04333-0028 a ngus s. k ing , j r .

Royal Mahogany™Entry Systems

www.masonite.com 23 3/4 Oval 3/4 Square Sidelite 3/4 Rectangle A UGUSTA ™ S ERIES •Antique Black Caming 3/4 Oval 3/4 Square Sidelite 3/4 Rectangle C ARMEL ™ S ERIES •Brass Caming 3/4 Oval 3/4 Square Sidelite 3/4 Rectangle O RLEANS ™ S ERIES •Brass Caming 3/4 Oval 3/4 Square Sidelite 3/4 Rectangle B UILDERS 'S ERIES ...

New Client Form ARAH

New Client Form ARAH. A UGUSTA R ANCH A NIMAL H OSPITAL 2721 S. Ellsworth Rd. Suite #101, Mesa, AZ 85212 Phone: 480-380-6710 Fax: 480-380-6709 New Client Form: Name: Address: City: State: Zip: Home phone: Cell Phone: E-Mail: How did you find Augusta Ranch Animal Hospital?

Augusta Campus Properties

A&B B A Haynes Building A & D 7 3 32 Augusta Campus Properties MaineGeneral Medical Center A UGUSTA G East Chestnut Street Cross Street Caldwell Rd. C A 44 1/2 Arsenal KEY _____ MGH Buildings Patient/Visitor Parking Employee Parking 3 - 11 Employee Parking 11 - 7 Employee Parking Travelers Hospital Vehicles ...

www.ubm-usa.org for updated information and schedule of events

If you're coming in from the south, head for l-a harley-Davidson in lewiston for breakfast before continuing on to the a ugusta c ivic center. from the north, you can join a group at the Skowhegan chamber of commerce in the morning, then head to the Elm Plaza in Waterville to pick up more bikers. the group ...

The AugusTA s Birdie CluB r

The official newsleTTer of augusTa sTaTe Men's and woMen's golf T he A ugusTA s TATe B irdie C luB r eporT suMMer, 2008 The augusTa sTaTe Birdie cluB is a 501(c)(3) non-profiT organizaTion ThaT provides valuaBle funding and proMoTion for The asu Men's and woMen's golf prograMs.


1 A UGUSTA -R ICHMOND C OUNTY L ANDFILL G ENERATOR ' S W ASTE P ROFILE S HEET I NSTRUCTIONS Information on this form is used to determine if the waste may be transported, treated, stored, or disposed in a legal, safe and environmentally friendly sound manner.


P AGE 3 V OLUME XLVI, N O . 4 Kimberly Willis Holt will be the featured guest for the 23rd annual A(ugusta) Baker's Dozen : A Celebration of Stories on April 24-25 at the Richland County Public Library.


A UGUSTA S TATE U NIVERSITY Community Support The Literacy Center's service to the community is a vital one-- to help people become stronger members of the community by becoming more self-sufficient.

Family Tree Maker

E MMA A MY A UGUSTA R AY , b. December 28, 1897, Missouri; d. January 24, 1984, Wellsville, Montgomery, MO; m. C HARLES F ULTON WALDRON, March 05, 1917, Phelps County, Missouri; b.