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F. John Fuchs

Ultrasonic Cleaning Fundamental Theory and Application F. John Fuchs Abstract - A presentation describing the theory of ultrasonics, cavitation and implosion.

Ultrasonic Sensor

Cat.No.S15E-5 Ultrasonic Sensor Application Manual Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. * • This PDF catalog is downloaded from the website of Murata Manufacturing co., ltd.

Ultrasonic Distance Measurement With the MSP430

SLAA136A 2 Ultrasonic Distance Measurement With the MSP430 1 Theory of Operation This application is based upon the reflection of sound waves. Sound waves are defined as longitudinal pressure waves in the medium in which they are travelling.

Piezoelectric ultrasonic motors: overview

Smart Mater. Struct. 7 (1998) 273-285. Printed in the UK PII: S0964-1726(98)91232-0 Piezoelectric ultrasonic motors: overview Kenji Uchino International Center for Actuators and Transducers, Intercollege Materials Research Laboratory, The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA 16802 ...

New Trends in Aluminium Degassing - A Comparative Study

Alloy Density Ultrasonic degassing Argon Nitrogen Figure 2 - Evolution of the test samples density with degassing time, for different degassing

Ultrasonic Leak Detector

2 Limited Warranty and Limitation of Liability Your Amprobe product will be free from defects in material and workmanship for 1 year from the date of purchase.


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PREFERRED RELIABILITY PRACTICES PRACTICE NO. PT-TE-1422 PAGE 1 OF 6 ULTRASONIC TESTING OF AEROSPACE MATERIALS MARSHALL SPACE FLIGHT CENTER Practice: Three general methods of ultrasonic testing can be used singly or in combination with each other to identify cracks, debonds, voids, or inclusions ...


A PPLYING A COUSTIC V IBRATION M ONITORING TO P REDICTIVE M AINTENANCE By Allan Rienstra, & James Hall SDTNorth America What is Ultrasound? Sound vs. Ultrasound All sounds are produced by vibrations in bodies.

Ultrasonic Sensors in Air

Ultrasonic Sensors in Air Valentin Magori Corporate Research and Development, Siemens AG. Munich, Germany INTRODUCTION Abstract -Ultrasonic Sensors in Air are Intelligent Sensors, which use wave-propagation phenomena in air to measure physi-cal or chemical variables.