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Instructions for Filing the Annual Report of Unclaimed Property

-1 - INTRODUCTION The Illinois Uniform Disposition of Unclaimed Property Act 765 ILCS 1025/1-30 (Act) requires the reporting of all intangible personal property (and any earnings thereon) held by banking and financial organizations, and insurance companies other than life insurance corporations ...


1 STEPS TO COMPLETE YOUR REPORT 1. Your accountant or controller should search your records for any unclaimed funds your organization may be holding.

Unclaimed Property 101 The Essentials of - Reporting & Compliance

September 30, 2009 1 . Unclaimed Property 101 The Essentials of . Reporting & Compliance . Steve Edwards, Bureau Chief . State of California Unclaimed Property


UNCLAIMED PROPERTY The "Disposition of Unclaimed Property Act", O.C.G.A. Section 44-12-190 et. seq., protects the rights of owners of abandoned property and relieves those holding the property of the continuing responsibility to account for such property.

Unclaimed Property Unit

Page 3 of 14 Revision date November 30, 2011 INTRODUCTION The District of Columbia's Uniform Disposition of Unclaimed Property Act (DC code section 41-101 et seq.) requires business associations, banking and financial organizations, life insurance corporations, and others to review their records ...


july 30, 2003 edition arkansas code annotated title 18- property subtitle 3. personal property chapter 28 unclaimed property subchapter. 1. general provisions [omitted].

State of Nevada State Treasurer Kate Marshall

Dear Holders of Unclaimed Property: As custodian of the state's unclaimed property, the State Treasurer's Office is responsible for collecting, safeguarding, and reuniting unclaimed property with its rightful owner or their heirs.

Report of Abandoned Property

For instructions on alternative methods of reporting, contact the Arizona Unclaimed Property Information Technology Specialist at (602) 716-6035. 4b.