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underarm. 10. Use insect repellent when outdoors, but wash it off when inside. 11. Avoid any type of injury, including scratches and bruises, to the at-risk arm.

An earlier age of breast cancer diagnosis related to more ...

Research Paper 479 An earlier age of breast cancer diagnosis related to more frequent use of antiperspirants/deodorants and underarm shaving KGMcGrath Breast cancer incidence suggests a lifestyle cause.

Wysong Deodorant Monograph

Rationale For Wysong Natural Deodorant Underarm deodorants and antiperspirants have become some of the most commonly used cosmetic products in modern society.

Hectorite Clay in Underarm Prod

1 Introduction The functionality of smectite clays (primarily Hectorite or Bentonite in origin) as rheology modifiers and especially as suspension aids for Aluminium salts, which are the active ingredients in antiperspirants, is well appreciated.


THE ANTI-OUCH POUCH by Deon Maas This underarm hanging pillow is intended to add a little comfort to people's lives duri ng a stressful, painful time.


1 Introduction Underarm antiperspirants come in a variety of forms, but regardless of whether they are aerosols, sprays, roll-on emulsions or sticks, they all need rheological additives to

Sewing Sleeves

A gusset may be used to reduce strain on the underarm seam. A raglan sleeve is sewn to the garment with seams that run from the neckline to the underarm.

Digital Thermometer - For oral, rectal and underarm ...

Quick actual measurement - # 20 sec. for oral, 10 sec. for rectal and 25 sec. for underarm measurement Accurate measurement- measures actual temperature in °C and °F

Aluminum Underarm Crutches

Patient Aid Products 12 Aluminum Underarm Crutches W511-10 Adult, for use by patients 5'2" - 5'10" adjust range: 44" - 52" 10pr/ctn W512-10 Youth, for use by patients 4'6" - 5'2" adjust range: 36" - 44" 10pr/ctn W513-10 Tall Adult, for use by patients 5'10" - 6'6" adjust range: 52 ...

Detox Cleansing Deodorant™

Detox Cleansing Deodorant™ A nighttime deodorant designed to conveniently cleanse the underarm of aluminum, synthetic chemicals and petroleums, while you sleep.