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UNIT 2 UNDERGLAZE 16 Requirements: (Refer to requirements Unit 1 - 4 on page 2) Basic Information: Underglazes: (1) Are usually applied to greenware and fired before glaze is applied.

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The sketch is then executed with thinned out underglaze washes and fired to cone 04. another colored glaze underneath. The colored glaze (sometimes gloss, sometimes matt) ...

DECO Underglazes

DECO Underglazes DU01 Wattle DU02 Mango DU03 Papaya DU04 Watermelon DU05 Galah DU06 Icing DU07 Jacaranda DU08 Mauve DU09 Ozone DU11 Berry DU12 Flamingo DU13 Pacific DU14 Sky DU15 Azure DU16 Aegean DU18 Marine DU19 Lagoon DU20 Spearmint DU21 Lime DU22 Jungle DU23 Bluegum DU24 Daintree DU25 Ochre ...

Underglazes r

Underglazes r Underglazes :: Amaco 03.8 www.potterycrafts.co.uk enquiries@potterycrafts.co.uk VS1308 Yellow VS1309 Deep yellow VS1313 Red brown VS1314 Chocolate brown VS1317 Medium pink VS1322 Purple VS1326 Medium blue VS1336 Royal blue Velvet strokes 1040- 1220˚C Lead free tube underglazes Ref ...

Underglazes — Cone 06 - 04

A.R.T. STUDIO CLAY COMPANY, INC. ORDER TOLL FREE 877-ART-CLAY (877-278-2529) IN WISCONSIN 262-884-4ART (262-884-4278) PUBLISHED PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE 27 Amaco ® Sun Strokes Underglaze Colors — cone 06 - 05 Vivid reds, oranges, yellow and green!

AMACO Velvet Underglazes—Lead Free

AMACO 25 AMACO ® Sun Strokes Brilliant Underglaze Colors Vivid reds, oranges, yellow and green! Six exciting colors for unique results. Apply to bisque for brush design or detail work.

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Unlike many other brands of underglaze, they have a frit base rather than a slip (clay) base. The advantages to you are that our underglazes can be applied on greenware or bisque and they can be used with or without a clear glaze covering.


ALEXANDRIA 46 EGYPT The study of the Arabic ceramics collection unearthed during archaeological excavations at Kom el-Dikka, Alexandria, in the past 45 years, commenced in 1999.

AMACO Velvet underglazes tested for majolica decoration

Arbuckle AMACO Velvets for Majolica Use Page 1 of 2 AMACO Velvet underglazes tested for majolica decoration On Arbuckle recipe, tested "normal" majolica decorating thickness application, thick application, and with a stripe of Pete's Clear glaze over of the thick application.