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When a Report Is Made

The social worker will talk with you about the results of the assessment and will let you know if the allegations in the report were substantiated, inconclusive, or unfounded.

South Carolina Department of Social Services

Q: What happens to records in an unfounded case? A: If the case is unfounded, the records will be kept in confidence, but will be used to assess other reports or for certain purposes allowed by state law.


5 report or an unfounded report, or unless within the same 60-day period court action has been initiated and is responsible for the delay, the report shall be considered to be an unfounded report, and all information identifying the subjects of the report shall be expunged no later than 120 days following ...

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Unfounded Cases and False Reports:

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The Bipartisan, Unfounded

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New York Law Journal

abuse or neglect, and the case was deemed "unfounded." Is their record immediately sealed or expunged? In order to understand how to protect your client, and adequately represent them, an

What You Need to Know about a Child Abuse or Neglect ...

A report can be "unfounded" or "indicated." When a report is unfounded, it means that the investigative specialist did not find credible evidence that a child was abused or neglect.


The following information was provided by the Blair County District Attorney's Office: The October 1996 incident was classified as "unfounded" by the Blair County CYS office and the file was not retained.