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I am giving below the list of the proposals that I think we ...

NATIONAL COMMISSION FOR ENTERPRISES IN THE UNORGANISED SECTOR PRESS NOTE ON REPORT AND DRAFT BILL ON SOCIAL SECURITY FOR UNORGANISED WORKERS MAY 16, 2006 The Government of India has set up a National Commission for Enterprises in the Unorganised Sector (NCEUS) under the Chairmanship of Dr. Arjun ...

Indian Retail Industry 2009

Whether organised and unorganised retail can co-exist in the future? With an extensive data coverage indicative of industry’s characteristics and demand drivers (both


fabric production happening in the unorganised segment. Cloth production in the mill sector has fallen from 1,714 million sq mtrs in 1999‐2000 to a projected 1,493 million sq


'1% of our GDP will provide social security for the unorganised sector' By Anosh Malekar Recently nominated Man of the Year, veteran trade union leader Baba Adhav has spent a lifetime advocating the rights of porters, construction workers and others in the unorganised sector.

India OrganiSed ReTAILMarket

As discussed earlier, the retail market in India is primarily unorganised and the penetration of modern retail is very minimal. This is in contrast to the trend in developed economies of USA, UK, France and Germany where organised retail is in the range of 75-80 per cent.


NABARD NEWSLETTER VOL.-15 DECEMBER 2004 NO. 09 CREDIT DELIVERY MODELS FOR THE UNORGANISED SECTOR /^ The formal banking system including commercial banks and financial institutions are often constrained by information asymmetries, which curtail their ability to serve the needs of the unorganised ...


In an early study on surplus labour in the cities of developing countries, Joshi and Joshi (1976) distinguished between organised and unorganised activities on the basis of (a) market structure, (b) technology, and (c) relationship 19 Kuznets goes on to say that " (the) finished products may differ with ...

Minimum Wages in India: Issues and Concerns

1 Minimum Wages in India: Issues and Concerns Prof. Biju Varkkey and Khushi Mehta * * * * Abstract The wage and employment policies relating to the unorganised workers and in particular the issue of minimum wages paid to them has been a subject of considerable discussion among union leaders and ...

Mathew Joseph Nirupama Soundararajan Manisha Gupta ...

i Foreword The retail sector is expanding and modernizing rapidly in line with India’s economic growth. It offers significant employment opportunities in all urban areas.

Working Paper No 4 Final

1 LABOUR MARKET AND HOUSEHOLD BEHAVIOUR: A CASE OF UNORGANISED SALESWOMEN Martin Patrick Working Paper No: 4 November 2000 CSES Centre for Socio-economic and Environmental Studies