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R ICKS _F INAL 5/9/2006 2:47 PM Washington Law Review Vol. 81:217, 2006 218 to assess the persuasive value of a judicial decision, the Third Circuit should no longer refuse to cite its own non-precedential opinions, and should follow several circuits in expressly according persuasive value to ...


unpublished united states court of appeals for the fourth circuit no. 06-4855 united states of america, plaintiff - appellee, v. kenneth d. beverly,

The difference between "significant"and"not significant"is ...

variability and do not necessarily represent real features of the underlying parameters. 4 Discussion It is standard in applied statistics to evaluate inferences based on their statistical significance atthe5%level.

Multilevel (hierarchical) modeling: what it can and can'tdo

Multilevel (hierarchical) modeling: what it can and can'tdo Andrew Gelma n y June1,2005 Abstract Multilevel (hierarchical) modeling is a generalization of linear and generalized linear mod-elinginwhich regression coecients are themselves givenamodel, whose parameters are also estimated from data.


II. LIST OF UNPUBLISHED MASTER'S THESES ABAD, Ramona Visual Humidity Indicators Indicating Humidity y Color (1) Change in Gas T/Ab14 ABAPO, Elena D.

Supplemental Document 5

Supplemental Document 5 Unpublished Reports and Documents about Natural Resource Monitoring in the Great Lakes Inventory and Monitoring Network Parks September 2003 The references shown below were obtained from the National Park Service's on-line bibliographic database, NatureBib.

What Caused The Iron Age?

What Caused The Iron Age? This paper explores the proximate cause of the Iron Age. Why did nations of the Eastern Mediterranean switch from bronze to ferrous metals between 1200 and 1000 BC, while Egypt did not commonly use ferrous metals for utilitarian purposes until 600 BC?

Glossing of Ella Deloria's unpublished Lakota texts

Glossing of Ella Deloria's unpublished Lakota texts Paul Kroeber American Indian Studies Research Institute, Indiana University, Bloomington 23 October 2006 Components of the glossed texts: Basic information Texts are divided into short numbered units each beginning with a line labeled "\ref ...

Unpublished NA Fourth Step Guides

Unpublished NA Fourth Step Guides This is NOT NA Conference-approved literatrue This edition distributed by www.stepstudy.org

ARGUED: John Kenneth Zwerling, ZWERLING, LEIBIG & MOSELEY, P.C.,

UNPUBLISHED UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS FOR THE FOURTH CIRCUIT No. 05-4460 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, Plaintiff - Appellee, versus CHRISTOPHER FERGUSON, a/k/a Mark Thompson, a/k/a Mark, Defendant - Appellant.