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Unstated Assumptions

Unstated Assumptions A) Identify the unstated assumption(s) in each thesis below. B) Is this a good thesis? Why or why not? Is it a suitable enthymeme?


Since Golden made this choice he must calculate imputed (unstated) interest when he receives his annual payments. Golden will receive a total of $30,000 over 6 years of the installment period.

Lesson 3 Where's My Funny Paper

An unstated main idea is one that the writer expresses through other key points. To understand an unstated main idea, the student must see how all of the key points are related to determine the "real" main idea.

gives us a tool for both evaluating and making arguments. The ...

Page 6 of 6 claim stated reason/grounds unstated assumption or warrant? backing (what is necessary to support the stated reason?) backing ...

GED 2002 Teachers' Handbook of Lesson Plans

Developed by Iris Strunc 03/28/04 GED 2002 Teachers' Handbook of Lesson Plans Content Area Language Arts, Reading Lesson Title What's the Point? Lesson Topic/Theme Unstated Main Idea Lesson Number LAR 2004 - 01 Objectives/Learner Outcomes At the end of the lesson, the learner will be able to ...

Reading Test Study Guide

Stated and Unstated Main Idea Main ideas can be stated or unstated . An unstated main idea can also be called an implied main idea. A main idea is stated when it appears directly in the reading selection.

MLR306.txt unknown Seq: 1 28-MAY-10 13:46 BLACKWELL v. WYETH ...

The unstated collapse of Maryland’s Frye/Reed standard into the federal Daubert standard fails to account for the differences in appel late review standards and the reasoning behind each.

The Voice of the Customer™

By reaching beyond basic requirements to anticipate and satisfy the customer's unstated needs, they also develop customer confidence. To earn customer loyalty, ...

2010 NASP WAIS-IV Handout

Interpretation of the WAIS-IV with Adolescents: Structural Validity Considerations and Concerns 2010 NASP WAIS-IV Handout

Argument Mapping 4: Identifying and Mapping Assumptions

The usually unstated copremise, and in this case likely the most contentious one, would be the middle one. The last copremise is a definition, so it normally remains unstated as well.