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There are two major considerations when

Research-Based Web Design & Usability Guidelines Usability T esting 18 There are two major considerations when conducting usability testing. The first is to ensure that the best possible method for testing is used.

Jane Hudson

Primary goal Secondary goals Jane is thirty years old, having worked at a major health insurance provider since college. A week ago, she began her new position in HHS's Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONCHIT).

Kasper Hornbæk Department of Computer Science University of ...

1 What Do Usability Evaluators Do in Practice? An Explorative Study of Think-Aloud Testing ABSTRACT Think-aloud testing is a widely employed usability

Usability of iPad Apps and Websites

© NIELSEN NORMAN GROUP WWW.NNGROUP.COM 2 We are making this report available for free to support our loyal audience of usability enthusiasts by providing early empirical data about iPad usability.

Human Factors/Usability for Medical Devices: An Historical ...

1 Human Factors/Usability for Medical Devices: An Historical Perspective Ron Kaye Human Factors Premarket Review, Team Leader Office of Device Evaluation, CDRH Food and Drug Administration, HHS NIST Workshop on Usability and EHR Technology June 7, 2011

Comparing Usability Problems and Redesign Proposals as Input ...

Cockton et al. [2], in a review of usability inspection techniques, similarly points out that ‘Current UIMs [usability inspection methods] provide little, if any, support

Usability Evaluation

Usability Evaluation Jean Scholtz National Institute of Standards and Technology Introduction The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) defines Usability of a product as "the extent to which the product can be used by specified users to achieve specified goals with effectiveness ...

Linux Usability Report v1.01

0. Executive Summary This report presents the results of a large scale Usability Study which was conducted in the summer of 2003 by the Berlin based firm relevantive AG.

Accessibility, Usability, Safety, Ergonomics: Concepts ...

Accessibility, Usability, Safety, Ergonomics: Concepts, Models, and Differences Klaus Peter Wegge 1, Dirk Zimmermann 2 1 Siemens Business Services C-LAB, Fürstenallee 11, 33102 Paderborn, Germany 2 T-Mobile Deutschland GmbH, Landgrabenweg 151, 53227 Bonn, Germany 1 klaus-peter.wegge@c-lab.de, 2 ...

Background and Problem Statement

Technical Evaluation, Testing and Validation of the Usability of Electronic Health Records Background and Problem Statement