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Stability Pact Watch Bulletin

In related news, the EU will grant Macedonia some USD 43.5 million under the Community Assistance for Reconstruction, Development, and Stabilization (CARDS) program in 2003, "Utrinski vesnik" reported.


Ljupco Popovski Editor Utrinski Vesnik, Skopje 48. Mihailo Jovovic Editor in chief Vijesti 49. Milena Perovic Korac Journalist Monitor 50.

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The following media reported from the Conference: A1 TV and Sonce TV as well as the print media Makedonsko Sonce, Dnevnik, Utrinski Vesnik, Vecer, Vreme Spic, Nova Makedonija and Focus News Agency.

Macedonia Competitiveness Activity

Coverage included: 7 TV reports - MTV, MTV Turkish program, Kanal 4, TV Era, Telma TV, Alsat TV and TV Sitel ; 8 printed articles - Utrinski Vesnik, Vecer, Vest, Makedonija Denes, Birlik, Biznis, Makedonsko Sonce and Kapital ; 3 radio reports - BCC in Macedonian, Ravel and Kanal 77 and 1 newswire - MIA .

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These Canadians of Macedonian origin were mentioned by Dusko Sinadinoski from Detroit in two news articles: in Makedonski Glas of February 14, 2008 (Makedonski "Jenki" vo Prvata Svetska Vojna) and in Utrinski vesnik of April 4, 2008 (Stotina Makedonci bile amerikanski vojnici vo Golemata vojna).

The military and the media

... yahoo.com Mr. Dragan Antonovski TV A1 (national) draganant@yahoo.com Mr. Sase Dimevski TV Sitel (national) sitel@unet.com.mk Mr. Stole Naumov Radio Channel 77 (national) stolenaum@hotmail.com Mr. Goran Mihajlovski Daily Vest (national) Vest@vest.com.mk Mr. Erol Rizaov Daily Utrinski Vesnik ...

The OSCE Mission in Macedonia 2002-2004: A Qualified Success1

... 11 Cf. Transparency International Global Corruption Barometer 2003, at: www.transparency. org/surveys/barometer/barometer2003.html. 12 Cf. press release from the National Commission for the Prevention of Corruption, 5 August 2004, reports in the media on 6 August 2004 (Dnevnik, Utrinski Vesnik ...


www.vest.com.mk  Електронско издание на дневниот весник Вест, кој нуди содржини од најразличен карактер за секојдневните настани и случувања.

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Criticizing the general commercial trend of the public boradcasting servise and the "vision" of the managerial team for transformation of the house, the editor of Utrinski Vesnik says in a comment: "MTV has chosen the wrong way into a clandestine and base form of pursuit of money and viewers, such as a ...

Rediscovering Tradition Ison by the Macedonian Composer ...

Tina Ivanova, "Utrinski vesnik", 2001 The program principle influences the selection of technical means. Valentina Velkovska searches for specific coloration and original instrumental timbres in order to create the allusion to the literature and paintings used as an initiating inspiration point.