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Food Expense Approval Form

UW-La Crosse Food Expense Approval Form (Non-Student) Use: This form is to be used for food requests for other than student-related activities.

UW-L - Recommended By-law outline format (in bold) and ...

UW-L - Recommended By-law outline format (in bold) and REQUIRED wording that would appear in all department by-laws (4-16-08)

My lab studies the roles of certain genes in yeast meiosis ...

For more information contact abler.mich@uwlax.edu Dr. Bonnie Bratina, Microbial Ecology My research interests center around looking at community diversity and interactions.

Attend Local

7&ARCQLW Published by and for the Students of La Crosse State Teachers College La Crosse, Wisconsin, October 11, 1950 Number 2 Off to 3,500 alumni of La Crosse College go bulletins v 1950 homecoming.

Larval trematodes in the Upper Midwest and the Pacific ...

115 LARVALTREMATODES IN THE UPPER MIDWESTAND THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST Larval trematodes in the Upper Midwest and the Pacific Northwest which are known to induce skeletal malformations in anurans Joshua M. Kapfer Faculty sponsor: Daniel R. Sutherland, Department of Biology ABSTRACT Recent laboratory ...

UW-L Foundation Scholarship Application

UW-L Foundation Scholarship Application Website: http://www.foundation.uwlax.edu/sch.html Instructions: 1. Complete application except for SCHOLARSHIP NAME, List of criteria and description of how you meet each criterion.

JPB Minutes 5 29 08

Joint Planning & Budget May 29, 2008 1: 10 PM, 325 Graff Main Hall Members Present: Dave Anderson, Chris Bakkum, Ruthann Benson, Kim Blum, Eric Fuhrmann, Thomas Gendreau, Jim Jorstad, Paula Knudson, Bruce May, Karen McLean, David Riley, Steven Senger, Larry Sleznikow, Ronda Smith, Gwyneth ...

Financial Aid Data Warehouse

Financial Aid Data Warehouse By Yi Qian We recommend acceptance of this manuscript in partial fulfillment of this candidate's requirements for the degree of Master of Software Engineering in Computer Science.

UW-LFoundation Freshman Scholarship Application

UW-LFoundation Freshman Scholarship Application Web site: http://www.foundation.uwlax.edu/sch.html (Please type) Instructions: (1) Complete Application except for SCHOLARSHIPNAME, List of criteria and Description of how you meet each criterion.

ArcImage: A Computer System for Generating Archaeological ...

Jacob Becker 3 option of drawing on top of a digital image is unavailable. As a result, the system suffers from the limitations of drawing floor plans and profile walls as described before (Ancona et. al. 1999: 117-121).