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Vague Pronouns

Vague Pronouns Grammar Connors Writing Center 7 Hamilton Smith Hall . UNH . writing@unh..edu 603-862-3272 Each of these sentences has the same problem: Harry was always late for class.

Richard Vague: Leading Credit Card Executive

Richard Vague: Leading Credit Card Executive Richard Vague has served as CEO and co-founder of Energy Plus Holdings LLC , a Philadelphia-based, progressive, independent Energy Service Company (ESCO) since 2007.

How to be vague

BBC Learning English How To… be vague How To… bbclearningenglish.com © BBC Learning English 2008 Page 1 of 4 William: Hello and welcome to another exciting edition of How To - my name is William Kremer.

The Value of Vagueness: Delegation, Defiance, and Judicial ...

An established line of research demonstrates that vague judicial opinions are less likely to be implemented than clear opinions. Vague opinions thus present a puzzle.


VAGUENESS Francis Jeffry Pelletier and István Berkeley Department of Philosophy University of Alberta Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Vagueness : an expression is vague if and only if it is possible that it give rise to a "borderline case."


ON VAGUE SETS AND VAGUE LOGIC URSZULAWYBRANIEC-SKARDOWSKA AND ZBIGNIEWBONIKOWSKI Abstract. The subject matter of the consideration touches the problem of vagueness from the logical, set-theoretical and the computer science perspective.

Why is Language Vague?1

\Is he|isheatallman?" \Whoshallanswer that question?"cried Emma. \My father would say, 'Yes'; Mr. Knightly, 'No'; and Miss Bates and I, that he is just the happy medium."

Vague Composition without Vague Existence

1 Vague Composition without Vague Existence Chad Carmichael (Forthcoming in Nous ) Abstract . David Lewis (1986) criticizes moderate views of composition on the grounds that a restriction on composition must be vague, and vague composition leads, via a precisificational theory of vagueness, to ...

Just What They Said: Interpreting Intentionally Vague Language

This workshop is open to all interpreters. Saturday, October 15, 2011 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Lunch will be provided Daniel Greene, BA, CI and CT, NIC Master, has been interpreting since 1990 in a wide range of settings including academic, business, conference, educational, medical, performing arts ...

A Study of Vague Search to Answer Imprecise Query

INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL COGNITION (HTTP://WWW.IJCC. US), VOL. 7, NO. 4, DECEMBER 2009 63 A Study of Vague Search to Answer Imprecise Query Ashit KumarDutta, Sahar Idwanand Ranjit Biswas Abstract —In this paper the authors propose anew method of intelligent search called vague ...