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Creating a Table

SQL> create table COURSES 2 ( ccode varchar2(5), 3 name varchar2(30), 4 duration number(3), 5 fee number(5), 6 prerequisite varchar2(100) 7 ); Table Created

Oracle White Paper--JDBC Memory Management

A VARCHAR2(10) column will contain a maximum of ten characters, or ten Java chars or 20 bytes per row. A VARCHAR2(4000) column will take 8K bytes per row.

Mark Townsend Director, Product Management for Bryn Llewellyn ...

assignment; VARCHAR2<-> CLOB. assignment; SUBSTRand INSTRw/CLOB; Seamless access to new SQL features (egMERGE, multitable insert, new time datatypes) yOO:

Oracle Data Dictionary

owner #varchar2(30) table_name #varchar2(30) column_name #varchar2(30) data_type varchar2(106) data_type_mod varchar2(3) data_type_owner varchar2(30) data_length #number data ...

Lab Exercises

Dname varchar2(30) c. Loc varchar2(20) (9) Create table emp using the dept_cluster with the following columns. a. Empno number(3) b. Ename varchar2(30) c. Doj date d.

JPA, "Java Persistence Architecture"

The tables: The actual table definitions, as given here, are for Oracle: Oracle tables create table school (schoolname varchar2(64) primary key, address varchar2(128)); create table teacher (employeenumber number(12) primary key, surname varchar2(16) not null, firstname varchar2(16) not null, initials ...

Student Datafile Format 2011

AP Student Datafile Format For 2011 Column # Column Name Optional Data Type Comment 1 AP Number No VARCHAR2(8) 2 Last Name No VARCHAR2(15)

eConfirm - Product Guide

VARCHAR2 50 Business days, Last Day pricingCalendar Pricing Calendar indicates which business's publication calendar is used to calculate the price on a transaction.

Oracle Data Types

VARCHAR2 ( size [BYTE | CHAR]) Variable-length character data, with maximum length size bytes or characters. Variable for each row, up to 4000 bytes per row.

Structured Query Language (SQL): A Primer on Data Definition ...

VARCHAR2 is a variable character data type (Ignore why it is called varchar2); that is, the system allocates variable size character length for attributes.