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An Explosion of Divine Graces! The Asian Report Part III ...

Table of Contents May, 2006 1. An Explosion of Divine Graces! The Asian Report Part III - Thailand 2. Vassula Returns to Portugal 3. Lebanon Report 4.


Your Vineyards are flowering now my Lord and soon they will give enough fruit to feed every desert; the dead will not come to life unless You breathe on them arousing them with Your sweet fragrance; for the sake of Your Love let this land of ghosts come to life again." — Vassula (23.5.90) "O Holy Spirit of ...

Dialogue between Vassula Rydénandthe CDF

Dialogue between Vassula Rydénandthe CDF Introduction Between 2001and 2004, Mrs. Vassula Rydénhadanofficialdialoguewiththe Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) in the Vatican that was requested by the then Prefect of the CDF, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI.

Painted by Vassula

Painted by Vassula Vassula is an accomplished artist and she is now making prints available to us of original oil paintings she created. These oils were raffled off to those attending the Pilgrimage in Greece to be able to cover the expenses of clergy invited to attend.

Dear friends of TLIG,

The Church needs you and needs more than ever the messages of our Lord. Please start immediately this work with the blessings of our Lord. In Christ, Vassula Dec 7, 2006

"Answers ToObjections on TLIG"

1 "Answers ToObjections on TLIG" By: Jim Peters December2,2008 Introduction Over the past few years, a number of objections have been heard by this author and in general by those who evangelize on the inspirations of True Life In God , received by Vassula Ryden ("Vassula") most commonly referred ...

Unhealthy Devotions – Apparition Sites – Consecration Vows

By this means, Vassula started to receive "messages" for about four to six hours a day. 3 On April 9, 1998, this entity gave Vassula a message saying, "You are, My Vassula, consecrated to Me, and you have signed your consecration to Me with your own blood."

Newsletter - Stigmata

The altar has also been the place where our Lord has been filling bottles of oil while Vassula was witnessing in Armenia, and where my wife Suzy spent two months assisting in the preparation of Vassula's 1 st visit to Armenia.

Some Norms for Discernment of Spirits

I agree; possibly 99% of Vassula's messages are in conformity with the Catholic Faith—but that is just how the devil operates to deceive pious Catholics.


The Lord to Vassula, True Life in God, Notebooks 65-71, vol. 4, J.M.J. Public., N. Ireland, 1994, p. 30. O CREATION! HE IS PREPARING A LARGE HOLOCAUST UPON YOU, O HOW I CRY FROM MY CROSS!