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\wap. ',* Roast beef - $7.95 Selkirk Vegetabte sandWich ~.. $8.so. TurkeY,Ham or Tuna '-$7.50 seven Grain bread With boursio ~. CUCOIl')bar,. BLl -$7.25' ' . Ieltuoe: tomaID. red Qrlion. shI'eaded CllH.RJl$, and sprouts. '..., l.()bst8f salad -$19.

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A[[ entr6es are served with your choice of house or Caesar salad or fresh soup and your choice of potato or fresh vegetabte medley and fresh baked bread.


lo mein, fried rtce lun. din. vegetabte t0 mein or fried r|ce..5.95 7.95 r0ast p0rk l0 mein or fbied r|ce.5.95 7.95 chicken l0 mein or fbied r|ce.....5.95 7.95 beef l0 mein or fried bice ..... 5.95 8.95 shriivip l0 mein or fried r1ce.....6.25 8.95 h0use l0 mein 0r fried rice..... 6.25 8.95 ...

Lehi Rotter Mitts 833 E. Main P.0. Box 217 Lehi, UT 84043

The Scroll K./Vaad Hakashrus of Denver 1350 Vrain Stre€t, Denver, CO AO2O4 Officc: (3O3) 595-9349 Frx3 (3OB) 629-5159 www.-crollk.org Wooz/ ooa t\ XYV,r.r,L ["\,r^-4u*-, Rabbi Moshe Heister Kashrus Administrator Type 55 VB-NC4 Vegetabte Broth Base Volsens Bread Ftour-V850 Westco Bakers DE Normandie-W850 Westco High ...


VEGETABTE CROPS FRUIT CROPS Fruit-bearing vegetables: For fruit-bearing Apply Go€mar BM 86 to most fruit crops at vegetable crops not specifically listed on label, pre-bloom, full bloom and soon after fruit set at a


Chicken Vegetabte.....-.....--.....5.25 Lt1. Sb mp w Black Bean Sauce.....6.25 L 12. t Chicken with House Sauce .....5.7s

Caterins Available

Ju*l*o, Sp*^/o From 1100 AM TO 3:00 PM @Ion-SAT) Serv€d rvith lvhiie Fice or Pork Fri€d Rice o. Bro*d Rice Choice ofwonton Soup, Egg Drcp Soup or Hol & Sou Soup or Soda ti I E g &!! f, it! rf l;f; VEGETABTE $4.to 136.

We Delivery

Hunan Style Fish Fi et.....12.95 84. Saut6ed Vegetabte Fish with HomeWhiteSauce 12.95 'HoiaSpicy 11-50 8oM Rice Avaihbte


... 2cups-Gazpachof (see Phase 1 recipes) Tuna Roll-up: 12oz_Tuna Saladl (see Phase 1 recipes) I _ Who le-wheat to rti I I a 1/4 cup_ Sprouts and diced tomatoes 1_ Peach, medium Turkey Breast Sandwich: 12o,_ Fat-free turkey breast 2 slices_ Whole-wheat toast 1 Leaf_ Lettuce 2 sfices_ Tomato 1 cup-Vegetabte Soupa (see Phase I ...


... Mango_l/2 medium Nectarine_l medium Orange_1 targe Papaya_1/2 medium Peach_1 medium Pear_l medium Ra s pbe rri es, b I u e be rri es, b I ack b e r ri e s _1 cup Straw be rr i e s, s I i ced_2 cups Tangerine,1 medium Watermelon_1 cup VEGETABLES each serving = 50 ca[. 1 cuP= cooked vegetables vetetabLe juice or vegetabte ...