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LG-2009-09-566-HQ — JPL 400-1344E 09/09 Venus and Earth are similar in size, mass, density, composition, and gravity. There, however, the similarities end.

The"Venus" Figurines

511 Current Anthropology Volume 41, Number 4, August-October 2000 q2000 byTheWenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research. All rights reserved 0011-3204/2000/4104-0002$3.50 The"Venus" Figurines Textiles, Basketry, Gender, and Status in the Upper Paleolithic 1 byO.

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Name: _____ Venus by Cynthia Sherwood Did you know that Earth has a twin? It’s Venus, the second planet from the sun. Venus is the planet that comes closest to Earth, even though it’s still very far away—about 24 million miles (about 39 million kilometers).

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Purpose The objective of this exercise is to introduce the student to the remote sensing technique of radar imaging and to introduce the surface features found on Venus.

Magellan Mission to Venus

NASA's Magellan spacecraft used a sophisticated imaging radar to make the most highly detailed maps of Venus ever captured during its four years in orbit around Earth's sister planet from 1990 to 1994.


THE VENUS MANUFACTURING WORLD OF VISUAL COMMUNICATIONS EDUCATIONAL PRODUCTS I n 1965 Venus produced their first chalkboards. Back then the boards were mostly black and made of slate, melamine or cement board.

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GIFT CARDS THAT WORK YEAR ROUND Venus gift cards are available in any denomination. They may be used for merchandise and shipping costs. Your gift card is sent in a gift box with a copy of a Venus catalog.

Family Space Day Overview - Venus

Copyright by the Lunar and Planetary Institute, 2009 LPI Contribution Number 1485 http://www.lpi. usra.edu/education/space_days/venus Facilitator Information (All you need to know about Venus to survive the day) Taken from http://solarsystem.nasa.gov/planets/profile.cfm?Object=Venus&Display ...


THE GAS GIANTS Jupiter Saturn uranuS neptune fast facts Venus has a thick carbon dioxide atmosphere that traps heat efficiently. The average surface temperature is 464°C.


IAA-L-0406 VENUS SAMPLE RETURN MISSIONS-A RANGE OF SCIENCE, A RANGE OF COSTS Ted Sweetser, Craig Peterson, Erik Nilsen, and Bob Gershman Members of the Technical Staff Jet Propulsion Laboratory California Institute of Technology 4800 Oak Grove Drive Pasadena, CA 91 109 ABSTRACT Venus sample ...