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KODAK VERICHROME Pan Film KODAK Publication No. F-7 CAT 166 0687 Minor Revision 12-02 Printed in U.S.A. KODAK VERICHROME Pan Film MORE INFORMATION Kodak has many publications to assist you with information on Kodak products, equipment, and materials.

Letter Codes for KODAK PROFESSIONAL Films

... High Speed Infrared PKL KODACHROME 200 Professional PKR KODACHROME 64 Professional 125PX PLUS-X 125 100TMX T-MAX 100 TMX T-MAX 100 Professional 400TMY T-MAX 400 320TXP TRI-X 320 P3200TMZ T-MAX P3200 TP Technical Pan 400TX TRI-X 400 TX TRI-X Pan TXP TXT (sheet) TRI-X Pan Professional T400 CN T400 CN (Process C-41) VP VERICHROME ...


... WEF 10 June 2005 IAN SUTHERLAND T/A IAN SUTHERLAND TRANSPORT OM0034751 SI (1433) Licence surrendered WEF 16 June 2005 JOHN JAMES NEWSOME OM1025973 SN (1636) Licence surrendered WEF 09 June 2005 LORNE G & ADRIAN M MACKAY T/A L & A MACKAY HOMES OM0032762 R (1676) Licence surrendered WEF 14 June 2005 VERICHROME ...

Service Information (Nov11)

... Ilford Super Colorslide, Fujichrome R100 , RK, 3M Color Slide, Ferrania Invertibile, CR-50, Taihang, Gratispool International, Dufaycolor , Fujichrome 100ix (APS format) , Polachrome CS (Instant Slide System) Black and White films : 'Kodak Film', Autographic film , Eastman NC film, Hawk-Eye film, Verichrome ...

and Closing

Dork or Shoded Subiect-People, gordens, ond subiects in open shode (lighted by open sky-not under lrees, porch roof, etc.). exposure for average subjects in bright sunlight with Kodak Verichrome, Plus-X or Kodacolor Films.

C22 and Old Film Processing

than 10 years old since used), 126 film or 110 film from 1970-1990, all Panchromatic films, Vpan, Verichrome Pan, K11, K12, K14 Slide Films, Unknown process films (unlabeled), Aged black and white films.

is located at www.butkus.org/chinon

Biack pin-grain covering, with bright nickel irimmings. funior Six-I6 Junior Six-20 PRICES Series II Series II With Sinqle iens, snapshot and time adjustments $ 9.25 $ 7.75 Wiih Kodak Bimat lens, shutter speeds to 1/lO0 1L50 10.00 So{i leather carrying case t.Bs I.65 Lined grain leaiher case 3.00 2.5O Kodak Verichrome ...

Kodak Duaflex III

Kodqk Verichrome Film-Here is the fflm for out-door pictures. High in speed, Verichrome is also excell'ent for nigh"t photbgraphy with fash.

The Film Developing Cookbook Errata

At the very top of the page, first column, the heading now reads 'Kodak Verichrome Pan (continued)' instead of 'Ilford Delta 400 Pro (continued)'.


The long-term result was the creation of a new market for Kodak, providing products and services to independent photofinishers. ♦ The company's employment throughout the world reach 73,000. 1956 - KODAK VERICHROME Pan Film was introduced, a black-and-white film that replaced the popular KODAK ...