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Mobile Imaging Station™ …the "Versa- Scan Cart™"

Mobile Imaging Station™ …the "Versa- Scan Cart™" The Versa "Mobile Imaging Station", or "Versa- Scan Cart ™" was developed to fill a void in the document imaging and image conversion market place.


i BOARD OF EDUCATION Ray Dickerson, President Juan Rangel, Vice President, District 8 T. A. Sims, Secretary, District 2 Carlos Vasquez, District 1 Tobi Jackson, District 2 Christene C. Moss, District 3 Judy G. Needham, District 5 Ann Sutherland, District 6 Norman Robbins, District 7 Walter ...

IT Market In Ukraine 2009 - Development Forecasts for 2009-2013

Versia-Systems’s revenues (UAH m), 2004-2007 MTI’s revenues (UAH m), 2004-2007 Unitrade Group’s consolidated revenues (UAH m), 2004-2007 DataLux’s revenues (UAH m), 2006-2007

Board Approved Appointments/Promotions

Media Packet Amended 6/13/2007 10:33 AM 6 Administrative Moves/Changes Elementary School Principals Name Current Position Proposed Position Janet Barksdale Principal Principal East Handley Elementary Oaklawn Elementary Clifford Mayer Principal Principal Versia Williams Elementary Ridglea Hills Elementary Jana ...

Dr. LeRoy Z. Boikai Interim President

After lunch, which was served at Rev. Divine's Church, a cookout was held in the park. Respectfully submitted: Versia Holder-Smith National Secretary 12 of 19

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Newspaper "Axali Versia" Tel.: 942 857; fax: 942 857, Tbilisi 5. Newspaper "Martali Gazeti Vaxtang Xarchilava, tel.: 23 70 65, Tbilisi 6. Newspaper "Tbilisi" Chumburize Ioseb, tel.: 990 427, fax: 995 255, Tbilisi 7.

Versa Power Systems, Inc., to Buy Strategic Assets of ...

Versa Power Systems 10.21.04.doc page 1 of 2 Versa Power Systems, Inc., to Buy Strategic Assets of FuelCell Energy's Canadian Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Operations Transaction Will Move VPS From R&D to Prototype Development Stage Company 10/21/04 Littleton, CO Versa Power Systems (VPS) announced ...

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Persia: Place and Idea

1 Persia: Place and Idea Persia/Persians and Iran/Iranians "Persia" is not easily located with any geographic specificity, nor can its people, the Persians, be easily categorized.

WSDL 1.1 Binding Extension for SOAP 1.2

1. Introduction This specification defines WSDL 1.1 binding extensions to indicate that Web service messages are bound to the SOAP 1.2 protocol. 1.1 Requirements This specification intends to meet the following requirements: • Provide functionality comparable to binding for SOAP 1.1 [ WSDL 1.1 ...