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www.sherwin-williams.com 1-800-4SHERWIN 657-2614 CS 8/01 CONTRAST AND VARIETY were truly the hallmarks of Victorian style. Period décor brought together multiple rich, intense shades, often from opposite sides of the color wheel.


VICTORIAN STYLE 1886 - 1910 A grand style that remains a monument to the machine age. Jigsaws were used to produce a variety of shingles, trim and fret work that resulted in the elaborate architectural ornamentation for which Victorians are best known.

Journal of Research in Personality

Portrayal of personality in Victorian novels reflects modern research findings but amplifies the significance of agreeableness q John A. Johnson a, ⇑, Joseph Carrol l b, Jonathan Gottschall c, Daniel Kruger d a Department of Psychology, Pennsylvania State University—DuBois, United States b ...


www.sherwin-williams.com 1-800-4SHERWIN 657-2838 CS 8/01 FROM THE NATURAL TONES popularized by Andrew Jackson Downing, to the dark body colors and strong accents introduced by the Aesthetic Movement, the Victorian Preservation Palette has every color you need to create a historically correct ...


PATRON Mr James Halliday OFFICE BEARERS DIRECTOR Ms Karen Docherty - 0409 930 956 BH/AH (03) 5782 2439 -AH director@victorianwinesshow.com. au SECRETARY/TREASURER Mrs Sarah Rehm secretary@victorianwinesshow.com.au COMMITTEE MEMBERS Darren Jewell, Robert Berglund, Ron Holden, Andrew Hogan, Margot ...

Victorian Public Health and Wellbing Plan 2011-2015

Victorian Public Health and Wellbeing Plan 2011-2015 Victorian Public Health and Wellbing Plan 2011-2015

Victorian Trading Co

V ICTORIAN T RADING C OMPANY Employment Opportunities Victorian Trading Company, a national mail-order company based in Lenexa, Kansas, is currently accepting applications for seasonal help.

Victorian Pharmacy Authority Guidelines 2011 - Level 6, 369 ...

Victorian Pharmacy Authority Guidelines 2011 Level 6, 369 Royal Parade, PARKVILLE 3052 Tel (03) 9356 8400 Fax(03)9348 0608 www.pharmacy.vic.gov.au


1 KATE FLINT The Victorian novel and its readers When the emancipated slave, William Wells Brown, visited England in 1850, he madeashortvisit to the''far-famed city of Oxford... one of the principal seats of learning in the world.''Here, he admired the architectural beauties of the university ...