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Viewport 2 0 API_gold

Viewport 2.0 API Introduction Maya 2012 introduces a new set of API classes for defining custom drawing, shading and effects in both Viewport 2.0 and Hardware Renderer 2.0 (the new batch/render view version of Viewport 2.0).

ViewPort Software

PHOTOS BY STEVE NORRIS by Steve Norris 76 ROBOT MAGAZINE PARALLAX ViewPort Software A deluxe Propeller debugger in a sophisticated development environment f you read any of my previous articles, you will know that I am a big fan of the Parallax Propeller chip.

SpyGlass™Lens and ViewPorts

SpyGlass™ Standard ViewPort Model 20110-3 The SpyGlass Standard ViewPort design contains two o-rings for the purpose of insuring that the addition of this assembly still maintains complete immunity to dust and water penetration to the inside of the cabinet.

Viewports and Viewport Shutters

109 Item* Page Introduction to UHV Viewports and Shutters ..... 110 KF High Vacuum Viewports ..... 111 ISO High Vacuum Viewports ..... 112 UHV Kodial Viewports ...

The viewport

Maya Introduction (Studio Prof. Greg Lynn) This brief handout gives a short introduction to MAYA. Only the most important and basic commands are listed here.

ViewPort v4 January 2009

1.1 Welcome ViewPort Development Studio: ≥Build Advanced Projects" Welcome to ViewPort, the best tool for building advanced projects with the Parallax Propeller.

AU07 GD401-3 Handout

You'll learn about all the improvements to the Layer dialog, Layer states, and various Layer tools as well the new Layer Notification feature and the long-anticipated ability to apply Layer property changes on a per-viewport basis.

Autodesk White Paper 2006

Viewport Lock Viewport Scale Annotation Scale Figure 1. Annotation Scaling Tools The Viewport Lock is displayed on the Status Bar when a layout viewport is selected or active.

How to Plot in AutoCAD

Creating at least one viewport in the Layout: There will likely already be a viewport that exists in the Layout you have selected. When you start a new drawing, AutoCAD automatically creates at least one Layout and puts an automatic viewport in it.

DanceBot, ViewPort, IODreamkit, and PropScope

What can the Propeller do? ● Grab video and process it ● Sample digital and analog signals at 80MS/s with flexible triggers ● Full duplex serial communication at 2Mb/s ● Fuzzy logic ● Output custom waveforms at 20MS/s