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Paper Awards

Konstantinos Krikellas (Ph.D. 2010 - co-advisor with Stratis Viglas) University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK. Thesis: "The Case for Holistic Query Evaluation"

Access to Lexical Knowledge in Modular Interpersonal ...

The overall ATIC architecture follows a modified "client-server" 3 model (Kouroupetroglou, Viglas, 270 Antona, Stephanidis, and Kouroupetroglou 1 The TIDE-ACCESS TP1001 Project has introduced methodologies and tools that have led to the development of general purpose solutions for the design and ...

XML-to-SQL Query Translation

iv Eugene Shekita, Feng Tian, Stratis Viglas, Yuan Wang and Chun Zhang. I reallyen-joyed working with them and learnedalotfrom all these interactions.


Justice Cardozo in the Viglas case supra note 56 sang the requiem for this case: "Federal Life Insurance Co. v. Rascoe . . . was disapproved in Mobley's case and is now disapproved again."

Integrated Caching and Wear Leveling Algorithm

Koltsidasand Viglas[6]considered the costs involved in migrating data between slower secondary storage and flash memory to determine the layers where data needs to be replicated.

The importance of long-term field experiments for soil ...

Among these experiments belong also experiments in the Czech Republic, in Prague, Lukavec, Viglas, Čáslav, Ivanovice and Pohořelice, as well as similar field experiments in Hungary, Russia, Sweden, Germany and other countries.

Conference Program and Abstracts

... 11:30 IPEM - A Cost Effective Predictive Modelling Approach for Developing Process-based Ecological Inventories for Arctic National Parks Donald McLennan Linking fire frequency and seed production in northern black spruce (Picea mar iana) forests Jayme N Viglas 11:50 ...


dent, Catherine Viglas, to con gratulate a new CITT-certified professional. Debbie Goodin is the recipient of this year’s CITT certification.


My thanks also go to alumni Jianjun Chen, Leonidas Galanis, Rajasekar Krishnamurthy, Qiong Luo, Neoklis Polyzotis, Kristin Tufte, Efstratios Viglas and Chun Zhang.

network∞ow problems

P. Stamatopoulos, E. Viglas, and S. Karaboyas. Nearly optimum timetable con-structionthroughCLP and intelligent search. Int. Journal on Artiflcial Intelligence Tools , 7(4):415{442,1998.