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Vinac®XX Series Emulsions

Vinac ® XX Series Emulsions Vinac XX poly(vinyl acetate) homopolymer emulsions are characterized by their high-bond strength, excellent machinability and nontoxic nature.

Vinac XX Series

Ashland Inc., Ashland Performance Materials • PO Box 2219 Vinac ® XX Series . Emulsions . Technical Data Sheet Last Revised: March 2009

Vinac® DPN890 DEV Emulsion

Ashland Inc., Ashland Performance Materials • PO Box 2219 . Vinac® DPN890 DEV . Emulsion . Technical Data Sheet . Last Revised: March 2009 Vinac DPN890 DEV

Vinac®DPN890 DEV Emulsion

Vinac ® DPN890 DEV Emulsion Vinac DPN890 DEV polymer emulsion is a crosslinkable poly(vinyl acetate) emulsion that is pre-catalyzed and formulated to be ready for use.


SOLBILITY OF VINAC B - GRADE RESINS Solvents & non - solvents for VINAC B -grades resins are shown in a table 2 Although VINAC beads are insoluble in anhydrous lower alcohols other than methanol.

Conserve OGram

Materials needed: • Cuvettes • Ethafoam™, Velora®, or other archiv al polyethylene foam ¼ inch padding material • Leather hole-punch • X-acto™ knife or electric hot knife • Acid-free heavy paper • Archival pen • Adhesives such as Vinac B-15, Butvar B-72, or Acryloid B-72 • Archival ...

Butvar® Polyvinyl Butyral Resin Dispersion FP Technical Bulletin

Material Sources Product Designation Owner and/or Supplier Solusolv™ S075 Solutia Incorporated Butyl Ricinoleate CasChem Incorporated Castor Oil CasChem Incorporated Darvan® R. T. Vanderbilt Company Ta mol® Rohm & Haas Company Foamaster® VF Cognis Incorporated Vinac® XX210, XX230 Air Products


Within the same project, networks for collection of solid waste were set up on the Great Pliva Lake, while similar activities are planned on the Vrbas River and in Vinac settlement.

Veículo Crédito Prestação

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