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Nikolai Vitti, Bureau Chief of School Improvement, Region 1 Executive Director, and Lead Director for Region Support System Offices State of Florida Department of Education

Instructional Leadership Nikolai Vitti

Instructional LeadershipInstructional Leadership Nikolai VittiNikolai Vitti May 13, 2009Leon County May 13, 2009Leon County

Superintendent Call and Webinar

Agenda •Welcome from Dr. Meléndez •Opening Remarks from Secretary Duncan •Q&A with Secretary Duncan •"Implementing the School Improvement Grant" Alberto Carvalho, Superintendent and Nikolai Vitti, Assistant Superintendent of Miami-Dade County Public Schools •Q&A with the Miami-Dade team


Contact : Nikolai Vitti, nikolai.vitti@fldoe.org (850) 245-0509 Lena T. Anderson, lena.anderson@fldoe.org (850) 245-0007 Status : √ New Technical Assistance Paper Ö Revises and Replaces Existing Technical Assistance

The Louis and Harold Price Foundation

He never lost sight of the human side of medicine and the importance of connecting with people." ■ "I wanted to do something that would honor Dr. Brody for his lifetime of work and to help others become the kind of doctor he was." —Linda Vitti-Herbst


REGIONAL EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Application Deadline: September 4, 2009 Salary Range: Negotiable Contact: Nikolai Vitti ( Nikolai.Vitti@fldoe.org ) Phone: 850-245-0422 Fax: 850-245-0803 Job Description: See below for qualifications information.

Teaching Science Process Skills

"The object in Ms.Vitti's hand probably weighs more than an apple, but weighs less than a bowling ball" (How much do you estimate it weighs in pounds?)


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Gateway releases Spring 2011 dean's list

... Thomas, Lori Thompson, Deneen Thornton, Bradley Thurau, Linda Timmons, Ashley Tobin, Jacquelyne Tolliver, Nicholas Torcaso, Matthew Torrez, Anthony Townsend, Andrew Valeri, Jennifer Vallejo, Daniela Valletta, Vicki Vankammen, Kashay Vaughn, Anthony Velardi, Amanda Ventura, Lynnea Victoria, Jessica Vitti ...

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