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VOCALS The VAMOS Ocean-Cloud-Atmosphere-Land Study

VOCALS VOCALS The VAMOS Ocean-Cloud-Atmosphere-Land Study The VAMOS Ocean-Cloud-Atmosphere-Land Study Improving understanding, model simulations, and prediction of the Improving understanding, model simulations, and prediction of the Southeast Pacific Climate System Southeast Pacific Climate ...

Vocal Recording in a Recording Studio

After recording is completed allow the machine to continue running a little while. This is done just in case the engineer wants to add something at the end of the vocals.

Vocals, Sound Effects, and Music in an Excerpt from Psycho (1960)

An excerpt from Psycho illustrates some major ways filmmakers can use the sound track. In a motel where she is staying, Marion Crane steps into a shower bath.

Recording Vocals (pt I)

Recording Vocals (pt I) How to get the very best vocals, starting with mic types and other hardware... Ask people what the most important element in a recording is, and most will agree that it's the vocals.

Joe Guese - Lead Guitar, Vocals; Ethan Mentzer - Bass, Vocals ...

Joe Guese - Lead Guitar, Vocals; Ethan Mentzer - Bass, Vocals; Kyle Patrick - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar; Ben Romans - Keyboards, Vocals; Joey Zehr - Drums, Vocals The title of The Click Five's sophomore album, "MODERN MINDS AND PASTIMES," perfectly sums up the quintet's raison d'etre.

Recording Vocals (part IV)

Recording Vocals (part IV) We finish off our series with a look at mixing and processing... The previous three articles in this series have all been concerned with getting the best possible vocal performance recorded with the best possible sound.


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The spectrogram of a song is assumed to have been obtained through draws from the distributions underlying the music and the vocals, respectively.

CLA Vocals User Manual

Waves CLA Vocals User Guide - 3 - Chapter 1 - Introduction 1.1 Welcome Thank you for choosing Waves! In order to get the most out of your Waves processor, please take the time to read through this manual.

Linking Your Vocals and Guitar Through Parallel Melodies

I love you, Songwriting, at a fundamental level, involves the uniting of melody and harmony: the singing of a melody, and its union with a supporting harmony.