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... 2003 J.C. Higgins M20 Sears 583.2085-87 High Standard 20ga pump Sears 583.21 H&R M120 Sears 583.25 H&R M121 Sears 583.3 H&R M121 Sears 583.4 High Standard 10 Sears 583.7 High Standard 10 Sears 583.91 H&R 121 Sears 6C (Canada) Winchester Cooey 64,64B Sears 6C (American) Winchester 490 Sears 66 J.C. Higgins 66 Sears 73 Savage 73 Sears 870.52814 Voere ...

bases install. -3/02

Installation Instructions for Burris Rings and Bases OVERVIEW AND SAFETY CONSIDERATIONS BEFORE PROCEEDING Please read instructions as improper installation attempts may result in damage not covered by warranty.


... Bolt action rifle 044 Sauer 80, 90, 92 015 200 059 202 080 STR 106 Savage 110, 116 Kojac 016 Schultz & Larssen M 97 104 Steyr Classic SBS 089 L 093 M 086 SL, L-Jagdmatch 018 Ultra Light 111 Scout 112 Swiss Arms SHR 970 109 Tikka 55, 65, 558, 658 031 590, 690 043 Master 038 T 3 107 Verney Carron Auto Impact 066 Bolt action rifle 019 Voere ...

The Titan Model 6 - .270

Rossler Waffen KEG, which until recent times had less than a dozen employees, is located in the Austrian township of Kufstein, just a few streets away from the Voere factory.

Load Development for Rifles and Handguns

1 www.loaddata.com Brian Pearce Load Development The .375 Ruger (middle) offers a slight performance edge over the .375 H&H Magnum (right) but has an overall cartridge length similar to a .30-06 (left).

Bags are our business

NEWSLETTER OF NOORDWES VOERE FEED FOR OPTIMAL RESULTS NO . 5 - MAY 2008 Bags are our business A year later we can look back on the successful introduction of the Opti brand.


Acquiring: Synapp International Broiler production market Northwest and Free State 2005 Dec 2059 Target: Senwesko Voere (Senwes) Manufacturing of poultry feed Gauteng Merger will enable Synapp to have a secure source of poultry feed. Senwes advises that Senwesko Voere was not operating profitable.

Game farmer turns problems into profits

Game farmer turns problems into profits What does one do with loads of inedible waste from your farm abattoir? Feed some lions! Since early in his farming career, Mr. Piet Warren of the farm Josephine, Gravelotte, has managed to turn a problem into an opportunity.

Opti Bulletin

Newsletter of Opti Feeds and Opti Chicks No. 16 - February 2011 Opti Bulletin www.optifeeds.co.za Noordwes Voere follows in the footsteps of renewal Construction of the animal feed factory in Gaborone is on schedule.