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THE GERMAN BAPTIST MOVEMENT IN VOLHYNIA by Donald N. Miller The German Baptist movement in Volhynia, Russia (Ukraine) began in 1858/1859 with the influx of a small, but steady stream of German colonists from Poland.


The marriage take place on November 26, 1886 and was written in the church books on November 26, 1886, from the pastor of the gouvernment of Volhynia with the number 4461.

Your Ancestors in Volhynia and Poland from 1700 to 1900: How ...

Your Ancestors in Volhynia and Poland from 1700 to 1900: How They Got There and How They Lived William Remus Emeritus Professor of Information Technology Management University of Hawaii SJHS 1962 LMC 1964 UM 1967 MSU 1974

Unsubstantiated Alternate surnames in SGGEE MPD 31 May2007

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Mennonite and Amish Identities among the Swiss Volhynians in ...

When Harley Stucky edited and published Martin Schrag's The European History of the Swiss Mennonites from Volhynia in 1974, many people were surprised to learn that most of the Swiss families who settled in Volhynia identified with the Amish branch of the Mennonite church family tree.

East European Emigration and the EWZ © David Obee

51 FEEFHS Journal Volume IX East European Emigration and the EWZ © David Obee When Gottlieb Scheffler left his home in East Prussia, heading south and east toward Volhynia, he was hardly heading off alone into the vast unknown.

The German Migration to the East

Jerry Frank is an amateur genealogist specializing in Germans from Russian Poland and Volhynia. His family research has broadened to include general history of their migration.

The Czech Republic: on its way from emigration to immigration ...

The depopulated Sudeten/border regions were after that settled by returning migrants of Czech or Slovak origin (during the period 1945-1950 about 220,000 persons, including 40,000 of those who came from the Volhynia region).

SGGEE Volhynia Gazetteer 20110822.xlsx

SGGEE Volhynian Gazetteer Page 1 22.08.2011 Location according guideline page 15 (green=addition or change) North EastUkrainian village Cyrillic Adamow (S of Usychivski Budky), Lutsk, Volyn, Russian Empire (Ukraine) 504320 250535 S of Усичівські Будки Adamowa (Adamowka/NE of ...

A Family's Mennonite History

... Waldheim/Alexanderwohl, South Russia, and Peter Ratzlaff Migration from Molotschna to Kansas Settling in Kansas After Peter and Eva--A Brief Account 6 The Volhynia/Great Bend Unruh Connection..... 95 The Unruh and Dirks Families of Karlswalde Life in Volhynia The Trip from ...