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Colofon Publisher Statistics Netherlands Prinses Beatrixlaan 428 2273 XZ Voorburg Prepress Statistics Netherlands Facilitair Bedrijf Printed by OBT bv, Den Haag Cover design WAT ontwerpers Utrecht Information E-mail: infoservice@cbs. nl Via contact form: www.cbs.nl/infoservice Where to order E ...

Brief description of the methodology plan for the 2011 Census ...

Project number: SOO-202489 Date: 21 September 2005 Statistics Netherlands Division Social and Spatial Statistics Department Support and Development Section Research and Development P.O.Box 4000 2270 JM Voorburg The Netherlands Brief description of the methodology plan for the 2011 Census of population and ...

Dr. Aslan ZORLU

Studieprestaties van immigranten in het hoger onderwijs. Dynamiek in Statistiek. Nieuwe cijfers over de sociaaleconomische levensloop , CBS Voorburg/Heerlen

training and refresher courses on patent information

The training sessions are held in our dedicated training center in The Hague/Voorburg (Netherlands). All lessons will be presented in the English language.

Publications, Nanny Wermuth, 1975-1985

In: Bul-letinofthe International Statistical Institute, Proceedings 45thSession, Amsterdam, Vol. 1, Invited papers, 1-13. ISI: Voorburg. [pdf] 2


In: CBS Select 5 Statistical Essays , Voorburg/Heerlen: The Netherlands Central Bureau of Statistics, 181-200 (1989) Perspectieven op het gebied van de dataverkrijging (In Dutch; with W.F.M. de Vries).


Voorburg, The Netherlands: International Statistical Institute. Gelman, A., & Nolan, D. (2002). Teaching statistics: A bag of tricks . New York: Oxford University Press.

Scaledrawings 1:50 & 1:87

April 2001 All scaledrawings are handmade and © copyright protected by: J.F. van der Touw Prinses Beatrixlaan 22 2273 XN Voorburg Netherlands Phone: 0031 70 386 8083 Fax: 0031 70 399 6416 This list will be updated every 6 month, or in a shorter period if neccasery You can receive the last list ...

Keynote Speech: Dealing with Environmental Challenges - new ...

User-Producer Conference on Water Accounting for Integrated Water Resource Management Voorburg, the Netherlands 22-24 May 2006 Organized under the auspices of the UN Committee of Experts on Environmental-Economic Accounting and hosted by Statistics Netherlands Keynote Speech: Dealing with ...

Jan van den Brakel and Sabine Krieg

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