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With Tier 3 Engine

WA450-6 4 W HEEL L OADER H IGH P RODUCTIVITY & L OW F UEL C ONSUMPTION Komatsu's new "ecot3" engines are designed to deliver optimum performance under the toughest of conditions, while meeting the latest environmental regulations.

Introduction of Medium Size Wheel Loader

(See Fig. 3 ) Fig. 4 and 5 show comparison of the production and fuel consumption of WA470-5 in Power Mode and in Normal Mode and comparison between WA470-5 and WA450-3 when loading on a dump truck of 10-ton capacity.

Waste Handler

2 W ASTE T RANSFER S TATION L OADER W ALK -A ROUND WA450-6 Waste Transfer Station Loaders The Komatsu-integrated design found in this Mid-size loader offers class leading value, reliability, and versatility.


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"The parts guys and service guys over there Reliable equipment aids productivity. . . continued Funari Trucking's Komatsu wheel loaders, including this WA450-3, perform a variety of tasks at the operation.

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2005 komatsu wa450-3 9,326 a36286 $118,500 2003 komatsu wa450-5l 10,119 a36147 $105,000 2003 komatsu wa480-5l 10,002 a37021 $114,500

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Replacement Parts for Komatsu ® Engines Industrial Applications POWER PRODUCTS, INC. - Engine Index - Machine to Engine Application Guide - Engine Parts Listing This is a list of our most popular models.

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WA450-1 • D61-12 • D31P-20 • D65PX-12 • D65EX-12 KOMATSU DRESSER We insure our parts meet re-usability guidelines • Timberjack 450C TIMBERJACK


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