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Chapter3 USINGWAMIT Atypical application of the standard WAMIT program V6 or V6PCwillconsist of (a) preparing appropriate input files; (b) running WAMIT; and (c) using the resulting output files.


WAMIT R USER MANUAL Versions6.4,6.4PC, 6.3S, 6.3S-PC This UserManual has been prepared for users of WAMIT Version 6.4, including the source-code Version 6.4, and the PC executable Version 6.4PC, and the second-order extension V6.3S.

Diffraction-Radiation Computation 2-Day Training Session

Geometry Modeling Low Order Geometry Discretization with quadrilateral panels Quantities are computed at the centroid holes between panels do not affect the solution triangles are written as quadrilaterals convergence based on # of panels 19 Wamit Training

Nonlinear Wave Loads on Offshore Structures

Chapter 4 The First-Order Solution 4.1 First Order Solution from WAMIT The first order problem is solved in the frequency domain for a circular cylinder of constant radius and for the Draugen 'monotower' platform.

Description of MSS Vessel Models: Conflguration Guidelines ...

1.2 Coordinate Systems used by Hydrodynamic Codes The coordinate systems for WAMIT, ShipXand Octopus Sewayaredeflned below. 1.2.1 WAMIT CO coincideswith the global coordinate system in WAMIT.

WAMIT-MOSES Hydrodynamic Analysis Comparison Study

WAMIT-MOSES Hydrodynamic Analysis Comparison Study J. Ray McDermott Engineering, LLC July 2000 2 Table of Contents Summary 1. Introduction ..... 4 2.

Marine Innovation & Technology

These include: Wamit 6.2 - frequency domain diffraction/ radiation code used to calculate wave interactions with offshore structures or vessels Wamit 6.1s - module used to provide the complete solution of the second-order nonlinear problem TimeFloat - fully-coupled time-domain response of floating systems with ...

Modelling and Simulation of Marine Surface Vessel Dynamics

From Vessel Body Plan to MSS y 1. Body plan (general arrangement)-Drawing can be scanned and digitalized manually-Geometry file: AutoCad ShipX Wamit Napaetc Geometry file: AutoCad, ShipX, Wamit, Napa, etc. 2.

DW0302110-ODL BROCHURE-05.ai

... for Semi-submersible, TLP and Spar ■ Floating Structure Hydrodynamic Loading to Structure Mapping Program ■ Plated Structure Buckling Check Program ■ Plated Structure Fatigue Life Analysis Program The software technology we utilize includes: ■ StruCAD ■ SACS ■ GRLWEAP ■ ANSYS ■ HARP ■ MOSES ■ WAMIT ■ ...

Reliability of Mooring Systems for Floating Production Systems

order diffraction wave theory (such as WAMIT) and/or the Morison Equation. In the case of a spar, both potential and drag wave loads are computed