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On The Warblers of Texas - Fourth Edition

Golden-cheeked Warbler PREFACE Warblers are typically bright and colorful birds yet are small in size and often go unnoticed. There are 46 species of warblers that regularly occur in Texas.

Kirtland’s warbler (Dendroica kirtlandii)

The first Kirtland's warbler in North America was identified in1851from a specimen collected on Dr. Jared Kirtland's farm near Cleveland, Ohio. Biologists did not learn where it nested until1903 when they found a warbler nest in Michigan.

Bachman's Warbler Vermivora bachmanii

B achmanís warbler ( Vermivora bachmanii ) is the rarest songbird native to the U.S. Historically, this species was known for dramatic changes in population size, possibly in response to the irregular reproductive cycle of the bamboo ( Bambusa spp.).

Dendroica kirtlandii - Kirtland's warbler

Michigan Natural Features Inventory P.O. Box 30444 - Lansing, MI 48909-7944 Phone: 517-373-1552 Kirtland™s warbler, Page 1 Best Survey Period

Golden-cheeked Warbler - Dendroica chrysoparia

Description The Golden-cheeked Warbler is a small, migratory songbird, 4.5 to 5 inches long, with a wingspan of about 8 inches. The male has a black back, throat, and cap; and yellow cheeks with a black stripe through the eye.

A Survey for Bachman’s warbler (Vermivora bachmanii)

A Survey for Bachman's warbler ( Vermivora bachmanii ) A Survey for Bachman’s warbler (Vermivora bachmanii)

The discovery of Large-billed Reed Warblers Acrocephalus ...

When investigating potential habitats for Large-billed Reed Warbler on the Tajikistan side of the upper course of the Amu Darya River in September 2009, SO noticed that riparian scrubby bushland was largely nonexistent or very impoverished on the riverbanks.

given by both sexes (Hamel 1995). It was described as similar ...

BAWA Technical Agency Draft B achman’s warbler (Vermivora bachmanii) is the rarest songbird native to the U.S. Historically, this species was known for dramatic changes in popula

Kirtland's Warbler Dendroica kirtlandii

K irtland's warbler is one of our rarest warblers . This species has an extremely limited nesting range in a relatively small area of central Michigan .

Cerulean Warbler Habitat Characteristics

Regional Variation on Common Themes •Tract Size / Area Sensitivity-Varies regionally •Bimodal Site Types •Variety of Tree Species Regionally,-May be more restricted locally •Big Trees •Tall Trees •Heterogeneous canopy structure