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Ohmeda Infant Warmer Operation Manual

11109/93 A! CAUTION: Federal law in U.S.A. and Canada restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a licensed medical practitioner. 6600-0194-000 User Responsibility This Product will perform in conformity with the description thereof contained in this operating manual and accompanying ...


Figure 2-3 Lock Keeper D. Locating Your New Warmer The following conditions should be considered when selecting a location for your warmer: 1. Clearance - There must be a minimum clearance of 10" between the top of the warmer and the ceiling of the room.


WPRL10 FPRL08 PEARL ELECTRIC TOWEL WARMERS STAINLESS WPRL08 Treat yourself or your guests to the warmth and luxury of toasty warm towels while reducing moisture, mildew and musty smells.

Giraffe Warmers

GE Healthcare Giraffe Warmers For Neonatal Intensive Care Helping make sick babies well… The Giraffe ® Warmer is designed to meet the needs of the NICU patient and clinician along with the Giraffe Incubator and Giraffe OmniBed. ® The revolutionary heater design eliminates a large overhead ...

What could be better than the smell of fresh, warm bread ...

What could be better than the smell of fresh, warm bread throughout your meal? A bread warmer not only keeps your bread warm, but it also makes an interesting center piece for your table.

012 Built-In Inf Switch Warmers

Warmer pans, insets and other vessels are subject to a harsher environment. Wells Manufacturing uses an very high quality stainless steel (#304DDQ) for our food warmer

Panda Warmers

GE Healthcare Panda Warmers For Labor and Delivery Keeping the healthy baby healthy… The Panda ® Warmer is designed to meet the needs of your Labor and Delivery.

Display counter warmers Single-tier, humidified

Bidding Specifications • Provide Henny Penny model HCW-3 or HCS-5 single-tiered humidified display counter warmer for accumulating, holding and displaying freshly cooked food prior to serving.

Tilted Neckwarmer

Copyright © 2008 Susanna IC, All Rights Reserved. For pattern support contact susannaic@artqualia.com Tilted Neckwarmer Design by Susanna IC This elegant neckwarmer is a perfect showcase for a special luxury yarn and unique buttons.