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WARNING! Do NOT believe anyone who tells you they can sign you up for a work permit (Employment Authorization Document or "EAD") or get you legal status based on the Secretary Napolitano's August 18, 2011 announcement!

WARNING! Sk-1113-1

Hazard: Improper use or failure to follow instructions can result in explosive failure causing serious eye or other injury. For safe use of this product you must read and follow all instructions.

WARNING! REVELATION Is About To Be Fulfilled

Chapter 1 An Overwhelming Surprise To the Reader If separated from the larger context of this book, this chapter could make God appear to be very cruel and unfairly harsh - so please read subsequent chapters as soon as possible!

The Warning

Words from Jesus 6 "My child, you are witnessing a vision of the warning to come." The sky is dark and it seems as though it is night but my heart tells me it is sometime in the afternoon.

Warning about the dangers of tobacco - fresh and alive WHO ...

Monitor tobacco use and prevention policies Protect people from tobacco smoke Offer help to quit tobacco use Warn about the dangers of tobacco


WARNING This instruction manual contains important information necess ary for the proper assembly and safe use of the appliance. Read and follow all warnings information before assembling and using the appliance.

Global Survey of Early Warning Systems - UNITED NATIONS

UNITED NATIONS Global Survey of Early Warning Systems An assessment of capacities, gaps and opportunities towards building a comprehensive global

Tsunami Safety Rules

For further information, contact: International Tsunami Information Centre 737 Bishop St., Ste 2200, Honolulu, HI 96813-3213 USA Tel: <1> 808-532-6422 FAX: <1> 808-532-5576 Email: itic.tsunami@noaa.gov http://ioc.unesco.org/itsu/, http://www.tsunamiwave.info/ RHH Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre ...


Congratulations on your purchase of the Celestron CPC telescope! The CPC GPS ushers in the next generation of computer automated telescopes. The CPC series uses GPS (Global Positioning System) technology to take the guesswork and effort out of aligningand finding celestial objects in the sky.


Keep this owner's manual handy, so you can refer to it at any time. This owner's manual is considered a permanent part of the lawn mower and should remain with the lawn mower if resold.