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Washboard Music Festival Father’s Day Weekend

14 Gallagher Avenue, Logan, Ohio 43138 www.columbuswashboard.com email: info@columbuswashboard.com phone: (740) 380-3828 Keeping America Clean Since 1895 Hours of Operation


Unique checkerboard crimped rubbing surface was patented by Columbus Washboard Company in 1907. (White pine or Teak.) LACY SILVER No. 2144 LACY GOLD No. 2155 COUNTRY No. 2133-C DUBL HANDI SILVER No. 2133 Same as above, but with special washboard metal in gold or silver.

Safe House Quilters of Ripley and The Quilt Barn and Covered ...

County Ohio to be featured at the Washboard Music Festival Washboard Music Festival, Logan, Ohio The 2011 Washboard Music Festival Quilt Show opens Tuesday, June 7 at the Bowen House in

Washboard Chaz Blues Trio

The Washboard Chaz Blues Trio is a New Orleans favorite founded in 2002. The Trio performs acoustic blues, including the Delta, Chicago and Piedmont finger picking styles.


PRESS RELEASE June 1, 2010 Contact: Dennis Heebink 740-380-2752 Washboard Music Festival, Logan, Ohio Central Ohio's music legend, Arnett Howard, will open this year's Washboard Music Festival with a BANG.

Bandsaw Washboarding

Figure 1 Top: geometry of bandsaw washboard pattern. 1 p y = 1 ë + 1 P (1) f B = f t - f w (2) 1. Deflection of the teeth and blade Consider an instant in time when the teeth and the washboarding pattern are located as shown in Figure 2.

Causes and cures for washboarding

Purchasing quality gravel is the first step in dealing with washboard problems. No washboarding is evident, even on the curve of this road, ...


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to jingle

It was an Oval Oak Washboard, which was manufactured in Siler City and sold nationally for many years. I asked them if they knew what it was, and after some contemplation

Coney Island Washboard Roundelay

Coney Island Washboard Roundelay Durand, Adams, Nestor, Shugart (1926) , via the Juggernaut Jug Band (2003) Coney Island Washboard she would play She'd play it on the boardwalk every day Little soapsuds on the ground, bubbles all around Rub-a-dub-a-dub in her little tub, any tune she found ...