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Washers = 3" outside diameter with 3/8" inside hole. For scoreboard drill 21 holes each row the size of the Point on a golf tee. Paint each tee to match the color of the washers 48" Washer Board 17" Length is 48" Width is 17" Depth is 3" Hole diameter is 5".

Electric Pressure Washer Operator's Manual

This manual contains safety information to make you aware of the hazards and risks associated with pressure washers and how to avoid them. Because Briggs & Stratton does not necessarily know all the applications this pressure washer could be used for, ...

The Pressure Washer Pump Built to Last

PRESSURE WASHERS ® North America's LARGEST Manufacturer of Industrial PRESSURE WASHERS LANDA PUMP The Pressure Washer Pump Built to Last * 3 Series for Cleaning Power of up to 10.6 GPM and 4000 PSI * 14%-27% Lower RPM * 5-Year Warranty For more than a quarter of a century the Landa name has ...


tal-axis washers qualify for the Oregon Residential Energy Tax Credit. You can get a list of qualifying washers—and their estimated energy savings—

Kärcher Customer Service CDN

Karcher pressure washers up to 2300 PSI. (bayonet) Part No. 6.964-507.0 For cleaning surfaces such as patios, terraces and driveways without splash

Volume: Slicing, Disks, and Washers - MATH 211, Calculus II

Volume: Slicing, Disks, and Washers MATH 211, CalculusII J. Robert Buchanan Department of Mathematics Spring 2011 J. Robert Buchanan Volume: Slicing, Disks, and Washers

Design by Jeremy Hermann (http://www.washerplayers.net ...

3 Hole Washers-5-Building Instructions: Step 1 - Cutting the Frame Pieces Cut the 1" x 2" strips of lumber to the plans below: Quantity x Length : 4 x 48", 10 x 14-1/2", 18 x 7" Step 2 - Cutting the Board Tops Cut two sheets of plywood (minimum thickness of 3/8") to 16" wide by 48" long.

Cooper B-Line - Strut Systems - Buzznut, Washers

Reference page 44 for general fitting and standard finish specifications. Channel Nuts & Har dwar e Hardware 56 Wt./C Part No. Lbs. kg 1 /4” LW .3 (.13) 5

IR 17-8: Sampling and Testing of High Strength Bolts, Nuts ...

DSA IR 17-8 (iss 01-12-11) Sampling and Testing of (errata 01-26-11) High Strength Bolts, Nuts, and Washers Page 1 of 2 California Department of General Services.

Rule of the Games

Rule of the Games "Washer Pitching" is a game that goes by many other names, such as "washers," "washer tossing," "Texas Horseshoes," "redneck horseshoes," "hillbilly horseshoes," "hot tub party," and "Irish quoits."