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Waves: The Foundation of Seismology

1-2 1 General Properties of Waves Reflection seismology is the science of examining the earth's interior through the analysis of mechanical waves.

Waves - Sound and Light

Waves - Sound and Light Slide 1 The Nature of Waves Waves are a type of energy transmission that results from a periodic disturbance (vibration). They are composed of a series of repeating patterns.

What are waves?

Casey Green Per.3 December 1 What are waves? When the wind blows across the water, it changes the water's surface, first into ripples and then into waves.

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Chapter 17 Note Outline Mechanical Waves & Sound

1 Chapter 17 Note Outline Mechanical Waves & Sound 17.1: Mechanical Waves (pp. 500-503) Define mechanical wave: Disturbance that carries energy from one place to another Define medium: material through which a wave travels What creates a wave?

Waves - General

Waves - General A wave may be defined as a periodic disturbance in a medium that carries energy from one point to another. • All waves require a source and a medium through which to propogate.


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Wave Basics Name: © The Physics Classroom, 2009 Page 1 Waves Read from Lesson 1 of the Waves chapter at The Physics Classroom: http: //www. physics classroom. com/Class/waves/u10 l1a. html http: //www. physic sclassroom. com/Class/waves/u10 l1b. html http: //www. physics classroom. com/Class ...