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Web Page Maker Help Document

Overview Web Page Maker is an easy to use web creator that helps you make your own web pages with no experience or HTML knowledge. Just drag and drop images, text, music and video.. into a layout.

Medicare Part D Coverage Determination Request Form

Plan Name _____ Phone # _____ Fax ...

Astronaut Selection and Training

Astronaut Selection and Training NASA facts National Aeronautics and Space Administration Man's scope of space exploration has broadened since the first U.S. manned space flight in 1961.

Creating a FirstClass Webpage

Bemidji Area Schools - FirstClass Webpages Created By Stacy Bender-Fayette and Elsa Voltz Creating a FirstClass Webpage Log-in to FirstClass as you normally do.

Creating a Web Page in Flash

2. Speed Flash has been optimized for fast delivery of anti-aliased static and animated vector graphics to the screen. Users experience minimal wait—even over slow modem connections.

Web Project Rubric

Content Writing Process Develop-ment Process Web Skill Layout Images Group Work Web Project Rubric Criteria Incomplete Not-Yet Partially Proficient Exemplary Proficient Proficient Information is incomplete or not correct.

Web Page Evaluation Checklist

PDF document intended to be printed to use as a quick tool for page evaluation.

Setting up your Student Webpage

SETTING UP YOUR STUDENT WEBPAGE August 11, 2008 Your student webpage will be similar to SFOS faculty webpages, with a few different fields. View a sample student webpage here (http://www.sfos.uaf.edu/people/profile/profile. php?uid=2308).

Homemade Hybrid

Pusher Power for My EV Homemade Hybrid R.Sparks Scott © 2003 R.Sparks Scott R.Sparks Scott © 2003 R.Sparks Scott The author with his ’81 electric Volkswagen Rabbit and the biodiesel powered pusher trailer at the SolWest Renewable Energy Fair.

Updating Your Webpage to dotCMS Format

2 TABLE OF CONTENTS page Introduction 3-4 Converting Your Webpage 5-8 Converting Page Links for New Webpage 9-11 Inserting Images into Webpage Content 12-15 Uploading Multiple Documents (.doc/.pdf/.jpeg) 16 Publishing Webpage Content 17-18 Deleting Webpage Content 19-20 Changing a Developer to a ...