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Class: Power, Privilege, and Influence in the United States

By working together, all people can help to make progress towards a class-free society. p.2-40 Principal authors: Carol Brantley, Delyte Frost, Charles Pfeffer, Joan Buccigrossi, Marcus Robinson. 2003 wetWare, Inc. Rochester, NY.

Eighteenth-Century Wetware

JESSICA RISKIN Eighteenth-Century Wetware 5 be a machine, to feel, think, know good from evil like bluefiomyellow...-Julien Offray de La Mettrie, Man a Machine (1 747)' "WETWARE" IS THE NAME that computer scientists and engineers give to the human brain and nervous system, to contrast them with ...

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An Integrated Fluorescence Detection System in Poly(dimethylsiloxane) for Microfluidic Applications MichaelL. Chabinyc, † Daniel T. Chiu, † J. Cooper McDonald, † Abraham D. Stroock, † JamesF.

Media Preparation and Bacteriological Tools

SECTION I ESCHERICHIA COLI Escherichia coli is a rod-shaped bacterium with a circular chromosome about 3 million base pairs (bp) long. It can grow rapidly on minimal medium that contains a carbon compound such as glucose (which serves both as a carbon source and an energy source) and salts which ...

Hackers define social engineering as an attack that ...

Hackers define social engineering as an attack that compromises not software, not hardware, but wetware. • Piggybacking is a common building penetration technique.

Gender: Power and Privilege

College-educated African American women earn only $1,500 more than white male high school graduates. p.2-18 Gender, Power and Privilege. By Marcus Robinson, Delyte Frost, Joan Buccigrossi, and Charles Pfeffer. .(2003) wetWare, Inc. Rochester, NY

Your Quick Guide to Binaural Beats

Your Quick Guide to Binaural Beats "What are binaural beats recordings?" Binaural beat recordings are specially generated sounds, designed to alter your brainwaves - bringing about different states of mind, such as happiness, creativity, or relaxation.

Pragmatic Thinking and Learning

Extracted from: Pragmatic Thinking and Learning Refactor Your"Wetware" This PDFfilecontains pages extracted from Pragmatic Thinking and Learning, published by the Pragmatic Bookshelf.

EVE Planetary Interaction Diagramms

... 5 units Construction Blocks Schematic 40 units 5 units Livestock Schematic 40 units Livestock 5 units Viral Agent Schematic 40 units Viral Agent Smartfab Units 10 units Smartfab Units Schematic 3 units Vaccines 10 units Vaccines Schematic 3 units 6 units Sterile Conduits Schematic 1 units Sterile Conduits Wetware Mainframe 100.0 ...

The Implications of Synthetic Biology as an Open Source ...

Open source wetware 1. Free redistribution 2. Source code 3. Derived works 4. Integrity of author's source code 5. No discrimination against persons or groups 6.