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Dynamic control of the central pattern generator for locomotion

Together, these experiments represent a significant step toward our ultimate goal of restoring locomotion in par-alyzedhumans. 2 Materials and methods 2.1 Wetware 2.1.1 Animalmodel: Lamprey Lampreys are eel-like aquatic vertebrates that propel themselves through the water by producing atravel- ...

What Is Information Warfare?

Is it a new form of conflict that owes its existence to the burgeoning global information infrastructure, or an old one whose origin lies in the wetware of the human brain but has been given new life by the information age?


Perhaps, but very cleverly implemented in "wetware". ∆How can we emulate it in hardware? RECOGNIZE AND CLASSIFY ANIMAL --NO ANIMAL • Subjects must raise their hand if they see an animal: • 60 images • 1 image per second • ∆Measuretheir reaction time.

Spam Conference 2010 - Call for Papers

... spam over internet telephony) • spim (spam over instant messenger) • SMS spam • MMORPG spam • blog spam • trackback spam • image spam • stock pump-and-dumps • email con games • exploit marketing • identity theft • zombie bots and bot armies • hardware and software antispam countermeasures • wetware ...

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... 27—mon-15-may-2006 today'stopics: •artificial life cis32-spring2006-sklar-lec27 1 brief overview •Artificial Life asa Tool for Biological Inquiry, by Charles Taylorand David Jefferson (1995) •whatisartificial life? •four levels (according to Taylorand Jefferson): 1. molecular level—"wetware" 2 ...

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Wetware c. Firmware b. ROM d. Software ____ 63. During the ____ formatting process, you specify the size of the partition and what file system it will use. a. low-level c. medium-level b. high-level d. physical ____ 64.

Globalization, Information and Communication Technologies and ...

The dual character of ICT's makes it imperative to distinguish between the purely technical aspects of the technology and the accompanying organizational and intellectual ones — ie. between the 'hardware' and the 'wetware'.

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In a system, there is hardware, software a nd wetware, wetware be ing the human element of the system. With million poun d security systems and state of the art security technology,

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... molecular processes via PET/CT, Nuclear, Optical or MR imaging üCan precisely locate diseased cells in the body üAllows for appropriate treatment to be planned üCan monitor response to treatment Keys to Early Health Allows for better targeting and molecular based therapies (Pharma) Hardware + Wetware ...

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The enacted schema in Figures 3 and 4 not only represents the enacted version of the initial either/or schema espoused by Våland, Jensen and Wetware in 2001, but also forms the basis for articulating a new espoused schema that members of LLD could continue to enact.