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The hardware of mirror neuron systems and the wetware of Machiavellian intelligence are installed. Why didn't this fertile ground generate a similar course of cognitive evolution for them?

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Why creating a NEW CHAIR? : Competence building for Innovation

wetware : the knowledge stored in the wet computer of the human brain, including beliefs, skills, talents, among other. The key distinction between wetware and software is that the later is codified, whereas the former is tacit.

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The idea in Wetware was to kind of turn the two ideas from Software around. Instead of people building robots and putting their minds into robots, the robots build people and put their minds into people.

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the following description simultaneously refers to both biological wetware and silicon hardware. Receptors and horizontal cells are electrically coupled to their neighbors.

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If we drop down another whole domain of observation from the juicy "wetware" described by chemistry and atomic structure, we enter the subatomic realm of quantum physics.


At a very high-level, the design of synthetic biology applications includes a wetware component (the living organisms), but also a hardware component represented by the instrument and software used to acquire and process signals generated by the biological component of the system.


The combination of on-board sensors, control and analysis software, and pattern recognition software that provide UCAVs the ability to think for themselves is often referred to as their "wetware" (Nolan, 1997).

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This usage can encompass research carried out in universities and industrial and government labs, or the new ideas that may emerge from the human brain (which some would refer to as "wetware"), but which Romer (1990), for example, has labeled simply as ideas.

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