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"Smiling" dolphins, "mysterious" blue whales, "playful" killer whales - whales capture our imagination. Like all mammals, they breathe air with lungs, have hair, bear live young, nurse with milk from mamm ary glands, and maintain a cons tant, warm internal body temperat ure.

Kids' Times: Gray Whale

What sounds do gray whales make and why? Gray whales are not typically known for making a wide range of sounds, but they do make some fairly simple vocalizations.

Kids' Times: Humpback Whale

How many humpback whales are in the ocean? Today, it is estimated that there are approximately 30,000 humpback whales worldwide. There are approximately 11,600 whales in the North Atlantic, 6,000-8,000 in the North Pacific, ...

Pre/Post Assessment

Whales, Dolphins & Porpoises: Masters of the Ocean Realm. Seattle, Washington: University of Washington Press, 1995. Hoyt, Erich. Meeting the Whales.

Cook Inlet Beluga Whale Recovery Team Stakeholder Panel ...

belugas are CIB whales – they have been seeing them for years (DNA of belugas) – wants presentation on it  Money needed for weirs in upper Cook Inlet (for fish studies)

Preliminary Summary of Reported Whale-Vessel Collisions in ...

Incidence of ship strikes of large whales in Washington State. The Marine Biological Association. Jensen, A. S. and G. K. Silber. 2003. Large whale ship strike database.

Whale evolution

Whale evolution 1 Whale evolution Cetaceans, or whales (agroupwhich includes the an-imalscommonly known as dolphins and porpoises), are interesting from an evolutionary perspective because they are so different from their ancestors.

Right Whale 1) Introduction to the Shipboard Right Whale ...

From late winter through summer, right whales aggregate in North Atlantic waters from Cape Cod to Nova Scotia, often near busy shipping lanes.

Killer Whale Fact Sheet

Killer Whale Fact Sheet (June 2006) All killer whales are members of the toothed-whale family and belong to the same genus and species, Orcinus orca .

Whales – Giants of the Deep

Basilosaurus Name: _____ Date: _____ Whales – Giants of the Deep The largest living mammal in the world is a whale: the blue whale, Balaenoptera