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XLT® Table of Contents

3 Chapter 1 XLT ® Assembly readjust clevis/lower rod length with the sping clip buttons so that the search coil can be held near the floor without requiring stooping over.

NEW! DFX Spectrum E-Series

9 Turn-on-and Go! Programs including our new, user designed EEPROM programs you can override with your own custom programs. Here it is. The finest all-around metal


Since joining WFW in September of 1982, Sacchetti's passion for the industry has led him through no less than a dozen different positions at Whites, from Mercury Crane technician to Executive Vice President.

Today, every White’s metal detector is built with the same ...

luck, and I’m hooked on the Whites MXT. Thank you for a great product- that a person just starting out could have these great finds in their first month.

The White Population: 2010

Another distinctive boundary was across central Alaska, where non-Hispanic Whites were concentrated in the southeastern portion of the state. The Hispanic White population was concentrated in counties throughout the Southwest.

Ken White President White's Electronics, Inc.

Our new V 3 is out of engineering and in full production - What does it take to build a metal detector with the performance and capability of V 3... First, it takes a forward looking vision - an idea-that becomes a reality.

Pickling your Paperwhites

Pickling your Paperwhites Ginning Up Paperwhites That Don't Flop Over Using Alcohol to Reduce Growth of Paperwhite Narcissus William B. Miller Professor of Horticulture Director of the Flowerbulb Research Program Cornell University The paperwhite narcissus is a popular bulb for indoor forcing in ...

White's Tree Frog

Microsoft Word - Tree Frog_Whites.doc ... 0829) 1 of 2 The White's tree frog has deep colors of primarily green and brown.